Financially strapped Postal Service plans to cut Saturday mail, but continue package delivery

  • Article by: PAULINE JELINEK , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 6, 2013 - 5:54 PM
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crmbpatFeb. 6, 13 6:41 AM

It's about time...

jcinmnFeb. 6, 13 6:49 AM

I just hope it doesn't mean lay offs. I notice that my mail carrier seems to be working longer hours this past year.

justin117Feb. 6, 13 6:53 AM

It would have been smarter to discontinue Monday service. Most holidays are celebrated on a Monday. Many people who work want the service on Saturday. They could have saved more money not having to pay holiday pay. They would still work 5 days a week, just Tuesday thru Saturday.

wndwmkrFeb. 6, 13 6:58 AM

Amen .... now if Congress can just make a common sense decision.

kfg31cFeb. 6, 13 7:03 AM

Here's a suggestion for drastically reducing the postal debt. Eliminate door to door delivery. Currently in most metro areas new developments require a multi-box delivery point. Whereas a large mail receptacle is located in one location for all of the addresses on a street. This saves an enormous amount of delivery time. It allows a typical carrier to double or triple the amont of customers that they can deliver to in a day. It also has the ability to eliminate injuries that occur from 'walking' the route. Currently these multi point boxes are standard issue in newer developments, they need to be used in all existing areas as well. No more 'grandfather' clauses that don't allow the change in older parts of town. Just because at one time delivery was made door to door doesn't neccesitate that those standards need to be kept.

furguson11Feb. 6, 13 7:05 AM

"cinmn-I just hope it doesn't mean lay offs. I notice that my mail carrier seems to be working longer hours this past year." I think that they haven't been hiring as they consolidate operations and that has meant longer hours for the remaining postal employees. Same as everywhere else.

wowjustwowFeb. 6, 13 7:08 AM

Congress? This is Obama's fifth year. How about introducing a budget? Will people like you ever stop blaming others for the Obama disaster?

jomdalyFeb. 6, 13 7:14 AM

I am not surprised by this and I think it is a good way to save money. Times have changed. Ten years ago I went to the post office at least once a month. Now, I go maybe 3 times a year to mail packages. I can buy stamps in an ATM and all my bills are paperless. At one time, I always looked forward to getting my mail everyday. Now, I could care less. Seldom am I waiting for something to arrive. I have always given the Postal Service more credit than most people do. I think it is great that for less than 50 cents, I can throw something in a mail box and it will make it to the west coast in 2-3 days. I have had few issues over the years with the service they provide.

kinnickFeb. 6, 13 7:15 AM

Saturday and Mondays w/b the wise choice,most holidays are celebreted on Mondays's.

stingballFeb. 6, 13 7:15 AM

One of the big reasons the Postal Service has financial problems is the out of control benefits they pay to their employees. They get every holiday that exists, including the cheesy ones that nobody else gets. It peeves me when I don't get mail delivered on Columbus Day, a holiday which does not merit a day off with pay.


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