Emotions run high at Legislature's gun-violence hearing

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 5, 2013 - 11:11 PM

The Accent Signage rampage and other cases provided grim testimony for a committee considering a series of gun bills. Advocates for both sides had their say.

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minn12Feb. 5, 1311:30 PM

All gun owners, hunters, sport shooters, and permit holders need to immediately call and write all your elected representatives. It is quick and easy. Just search them out on the internet if you don't know who they are. It is VITAL that you do this asap, and keep contacting them. Unless you want useless gun bans and restrictions that could make law-abiding citizens into FELONs (read the proposed legislation!) you need to take a few minutes and make your voices heard. Tell them respectfully but firmly, that these bans and restricitions have been tried before and failed to make any difference. Tell them the FBI and Justice Dept. studies prove this. Tell them you want them to vote against any such useless bans. Tell them you will be watching their votes. Tell them if they vote FOR any such bans, you will vote AGAINST them. Your rights depend on your taking action NOW.

alethia133Feb. 5, 1311:41 PM

Thank you for the balanced reporting this time, Jim R. As for the legislation, some of these bills are incredibly extreme. Classifying handguns as assault weapons, banning gun ownership if you've been convicted of a misdemeanor, and revoking your rights if you've ever checked yourself in for help with a psychological problem - these things are poorly written and wrongheaded.

comradeFeb. 6, 13 2:48 AM

The so called gun show loop hole doesn't exist. Think about it, if you don't know the actual number of person to person privates sales that occur at a gun show, then how can you claim that these sales account for 40% of transactions at gun shows? The fact is, that nearly everyone selling any guns at a gun show is a federally licensed dealer. If you don't believe it, go to a gun show and see for yourself. The 40% figure was pulled out of thin air by some dishonest gun control advocate and gets mindlessly repeated as though it is fact. It is not, since there is NO way to prove it.

osirisalFeb. 6, 13 4:39 AM

First my heart does go out to Accent Signage and the people that were effected by such a horrible tragedy. I have worked in corporate security for many years and any high risk termination is always accompanied by security and people surrounding all sides of that person in a non-threatening manner. Sometimes we even have Police waiting outside on stand-by in case something goes down but they remain unseen to the person being terminated. I feel that their termination was poorly done and should have been handled completely different then it was handled. Today is hard times for people and losing their job could be the last straw in wanting to go on with their life and may decide to take it out on those they blame for ruining their lives. Companies really have to take a look at their policies and procedures when dealing with high risk terminations. This is just one small thing a company can do to reduce gun violence in the work place.

photogpatFeb. 6, 13 4:53 AM

Firearm owners of Minnesota. If you haven't read the bills yet, do so. Don't listen to emotional testimony - read the bills for yourself. Never has been introduced in MN a more mean-spirited and capricious set of legislation than was yesterday. Stand up and be heard!

jathu001Feb. 6, 13 5:32 AM

Only in America would the end result of 20 children being killed by a mass shooter, result in a bunch of people going crazy to buy yet more guns. What a sad legacy for those children. There has been much talk about the mentally ill and guns. I actually think the fixation of so many with owning guns IS THE MENTAL ILLNESS of our culture. It's irrational and obsessive. My goodness. Can gun proponents really not think of anything better to do with their lives? It is a sad, sad, statement how the school shooting has been turned into nothing more than another NRA tantrum. Mark my words. This same scenario will be replayed over and over in America. The gun lobby has no imagination for creating more positive outcomes in our society. Just think what all the energy and money fighting for more, more, more guns could do to create great recreation and career programs for kids, services for the elderly, help for our veterans. But no. Maybe that's what happens when our eyes spend too much time looking down a barrel scope. We forget to look up and out to the greater gifts of God.

EleanoreFeb. 6, 13 5:44 AM

Banning or poll taxing firearms is outside the legislatures authority. Please let your reppresentatives know that they should be focusing on issues and actions theyy actually have the authority to impact, perhaps school funding, tax justice, spending cuts. The list goes on and on.

comment229Feb. 6, 13 5:46 AM

The vote in this comment section is going to be split down the middle, just as it seems all public discussions about the second amendment have been since Newtown. Last night, I watched in fascination, as Colbert had on Sotomayor and whether you like Colbert or not, he did ask THE question I have been wanting to ask people like Rep. Tony Cornish. The discussion got around to second amendment rights, and Sotomayor agreed that the second amendment was probably a good thing. So Colbert asked her why he couldn't own a fully automatic weapon? She would not answer the question; and I wonder if Cornish would? Anybody?

windigolakeFeb. 6, 13 5:49 AM

Just another "call-to-arms" from minn12. Hyperbole and fearmongering are the only tools of the NRA and its members who represent about 1% of all Americans. There is no reason in their positions against all gun control and background checks (per Wayne LaPierre). We need to keep gun-toters from preventing reasonable limits on weapons of mass murder and from stopping background checks for ALL gun sales. NOBODY is seeking to get rid of all guns. That's just a ridiculous statement.

purlieuFeb. 6, 13 6:20 AM

We simply cannot accept the gun violence in our society. We need to do whatever necessary to stop it. Universal background checks seem like an obvious start. A nationwide database of people convicted of crimes from murder to domestic violence is another. Mentally disturbed people should not be able to get guns, but that legislation will be a little trickier.


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