State species at risk as climate heats up

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  • Updated: February 5, 2013 - 7:47 PM

Wildlife Federation calls for shift away from fossil fuels.

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getcrazyFeb. 5, 13 9:13 PM

I seriously doubt that Wildlife Federation will get most hunters to believe a thing. If they do ever see the light it won't be until there aren't any pheasant, duck,.... left and then they'll probably blame the DNR for poor management or they'll find some equally undeserving person or organization for not telling them. People have been saying this loud and clear for over a decade. It's been on the news a few times a week. It's in the paper (like right here right now) a few times a week and on the radio. Still they don't hear. Most wont hear. They think its a liberal conspiracy to take their hunting rights or good lord forbid, saving the planet from....well...this. Good luck getting through those thick skulls. Good luck.

offtherecordFeb. 5, 13 9:16 PM

Total nonsense. Besides NOT being able to control the earths temperature there is no proof that man has caused the earth to warm. Sorry folks - you have no proof and pulling out another computer model from government paid scientist doesn't pass the smell test.

Species have either adapted or gone extinct since the beginning of time.

getcrazyFeb. 5, 1310:09 PM

@offtherecord--"Species have either adapted or gone extinct since the beginning of time."---Funny you should mention that. When was the last time they went away on a such a large scale like they are now? What happened at that time? What made the animals go away? It's third grade science. One shouldn't need a government study to answer that question.

theruntFeb. 5, 1310:14 PM

Seems like there's ever more and more organizations and scientists at the forefront of our ecosystem just makin' stuff up so as to cop government grants and make Al Gore richer. No northern in our Minnesota lakes? That's the breaks. Like offtherecord says, species have gone extinct since the beginning of time.

theruntFeb. 5, 1311:15 PM

World population has passed 7.1 billion. Coincidentally, we now burn seven billion tons of coal per year. More than 1,000 new coal plants are planned. Globally, we burn 90 million barrels of oil each day, 32 trillion barrels per year. Some will say burning fossil fuels at that rate has no effect on our climate. No flood, fire or drought could convince them otherwise.

martytoilFeb. 5, 1311:51 PM

offtherecord--It is obviously true that past climate change was caused by natural forcings. However, to argue that this means we can’t cause climate change is like arguing that humans can’t start bushfires because in the past they’ve happened naturally. Greenhouse gas increases have caused climate change many times in Earth’s history, and we are now adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere at a increasingly rapid rate.

Jefferson09Feb. 6, 1312:11 AM

To offtherecord specific: Best pull your noggin out of the sands of climate change denial. It is HERE,it is REAL. And if effective reversal measures aren't soon accomplished..your own species is in dire threat of extinction. Bank on it!!!

minn12Feb. 6, 13 1:27 AM

Please Strib, enough with the seemingly daily 'stories' about 'climate change'. It's the biggest hoax of the century. New evidence shows the warming period stopped many years ago. And as for all the 'doom and gloom' sky is falling stories, it wasn't that long ago that the kool-aid drinkers were freaking out about the coming 'ice age' and the horrible things that would happen. It was all over the media back then, along with dumb 'scientists' agreeing. Anyone see a similarity here?? The earth warms and cools over time, due mainly to solar activity. We ain't got nothin to do with it. Get over yourselves.

paulusFeb. 6, 13 6:37 AM

Much to the dismay of the global warming alarmists, the Met Office in Great Britian confirmed that global warming ended 17 years ago in 1996. This is the same group that has been pushing the global warming myth for years, and now the data shows slight cooling during the period from 1996-2012. Just another attempt at wealth distribution from the left. The whole global warming fantasy began with former communists that needed another way to steal other people's money.

mmediaFeb. 6, 13 7:13 AM

After harvest each year, the fields around here are filled with backhoes putting in more tile. About the same time, I go to the Ducks Unlimited Banquet and see those very same land owners there. That same cognitive dissonance is what is driving the denialists - the only problem though is that they will make us all pay.


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