Minnesota House kicks off 3 days of committee hearings on gun control proposals

  • Article by: Associated Press
  • Updated: February 5, 2013 - 6:27 AM

The growing debate over gun control is taking center stage at Minnesota's Capitol this week as lawmakers take up a handful of proposals that would limit access to guns for some individuals.

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Truckman182Feb. 5, 13 6:13 AM

How is this going to create jobs and get our economy going again??? This is a diversion to keep people divided in this country.

photogpatFeb. 5, 13 6:18 AM

The MN legislators, with the prodding of the Obama administration, will try to subject the people of MN to further laws which will not stop violence of any type, and will only serve to make previously law-abiding Minnesotans into felons. They ARE coming for your hunting rifle/shotgun this time...plus a whole lot more. You owe it to yourself, your children and future generations of Minnesotans to get involved this time. Tell them to take legislation to places like Chicago - we DON'T need it here in Minnesota.

commonrobFeb. 5, 13 7:14 AM

This all comes from our judges and law makers that tell us that the criminals now have more rights than we do. They will always have guns and we won't be able to protect ourselves. The higher the crime gets, the better you should be able to protect yourselves. I am tyelling you now, that if we can't protect ourselves and the crooks WILL have the guns, we need new folks making our laws. Take the internet, Television, emails (they can write home with paper and pencil) out of our prisons and make sure the folks that are there, know why, because we will make sure they don't want to come back again! Our idiot lawmakers can try to rehabilitate them when they get out of prison, Do you folks know that none of our rehad programs in prison work? Get it, it is not about guns!

timandtiaFeb. 5, 13 7:18 AM

Come on now legislatures don't you more important things to worry about? Leave us gun owners/hunters/etc. alone!

paulusFeb. 5, 13 7:26 AM

We need to know who in the DFL is pushing for more needless and worthless gun laws, and publicize their names to the voters. There are enough gun owning DFLers who might finally say enough is enough with these "nanny state" liberals and vote them out of office permanently. Just like taxes and spending, the DFL will push for more and more until finally, they will be promoting a total gun ban.

gudagadagFeb. 5, 13 7:42 AM

The content of these bills goes far beyond anything 'reasonable'. H.F. 241 is particularly bad, it will ban such things as .22 semi-auto tube-fed squirrel rifles and WWII semi-auto rifles that don't even accept detachable magazines. These types of firearms are specifically included in the bill language, not just as a result of a poorly-worded description. The owner would have until September 1st of this year to either render it inoperable, move it out of the state or register it with the government. Anti-gun individuals keep repeating that President Obama does not want to take our guns, but when he allies himself with these gun control efforts, what are we supposed to believe?

nrabadFeb. 5, 13 7:44 AM

It's about time we try and do something rational in regards to the irresponsibility with guns!

sede72Feb. 5, 13 8:22 AM

District of Columbia vs Heller already addresses the issue of the AR15 type rifle. The court states that the firearms allowed are ones that are in "common use of the time". There well are over 3 million owned AR15 type rifles in use now in the US and all are sold with magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, auto loading pistols as well hence they are in common use.The decision also settles the debate of who the militia is, it's all of us! We are the militia and our rifles are to be brought from our homes when we are called up by the Government. It's simple and easy to understand. It's settled law. Any attempt to deny us our constitutional right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

blackbayFeb. 5, 13 8:23 AM

Photogpat you hit it right on the head. The feds, and their gun control nuts, are going state to state to push their agenda because they know it will be very tough to pass in congress. They are making a full on attempt to enact gun control no matter what. Now some Dems, most likely metro Dems, want to roll all the gun bills into one so in order to vote for something intelligent you have to vote for the whole messed up package.

gudagadagFeb. 5, 13 8:39 AM

To nrabad: I honestly wish to know what your description of 'something rational' is. No sarcasm, I truly just want to know what you think that is.


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