Sunday liquor sales debate on tap again in Minnesota Legislature

  • Article by: JENNIFER BROOKS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 4, 2013 - 10:00 PM

Backers are persistent, if not especially effective in rallying votes.

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harrisstevenFeb. 4, 1310:09 PM

I witnessed one of these committee hearings. The bottom line is the metro dealers run the show. They have trained their clients to buy as much wine and liquor in 7 days, as they would in 8. Their benefit is that they don't have to pay Sunday wages, turn on the lights, etc. for one day for no extra profit. Of course, the border town stores are the ones hurting, but they don't donate enough to the politicians. I did hear one Senator ask why the discussion of what the CONSUMERS want is never brought up? Silence. This same Senator said the law wouldn't MAKE them open their stores on Sunday, just that it was an option. Well, you know how that was received. Also, that would open the door to having wine and beer in the grocery stores like most states. They really push bak on this one. And...this is why we have the highest, or near highest wine prices in the world, right here in Minnesota. Of course, it never made it out of committee. Ask consumers, and I bet they would favor it all about 90%.

qwert12345Feb. 4, 1310:17 PM

Its been time to start allowing the sale of liquor on sundays for years. What are they waiting for? Same goes for fireworks in Minnesota. The state is just losing money with these silly bans. When every state around us allows both why aren't we.

Davidtk678Feb. 4, 1310:19 PM

Sen. Reinert is right! It's time for Minnesota to join the 21st century. Sunday is the day most people due their shopping. I live in a state where they sell liquor on Sunday and it's a great convience.

mn2niceFeb. 4, 1310:29 PM

ditto. I hate not having the convenience of running to the store on Sunday just before a game. This is the 21st Century, and it's time to drop the stuff about why it is not a good idea. If stores here don't want my business I will be more than happy to take it across the line to Wisconsin. Their win, and a big loss for stores here. Now imagine if 50,000 people do that. Money talks.

timtloFeb. 4, 1310:30 PM

The time has come for Sunday sales. Seriously, how backwards are we?

JayFeb. 4, 1311:05 PM

What started off as a obtuse morality law has turned into a grocers and liquor bully law. People in other states have since had the brains to legalize Marijuana. It's only a matter of time until these crooks quit controlling the MN liquor laws.

oste0130Feb. 4, 1311:15 PM

Pretty ridiculous that I can't purchase beer on Sundays unless its 3.2 or less. Just 11 years ago Bars closed at 1:00 am. This state is a little slow in some aspects....

mnpikeyFeb. 4, 1311:21 PM

No big deal if they don't pass Sunday sale. Just a 15 minute trip over to the Nova in Hudson! Have made a half dozen trips over there last year. Plus many breweries distribute to WI that don't sell here (Oscar Blues, Hoppin Frog, New Glarus, etc...) MN is losing ALOT of tax money due to the Sunday sales ban.

eddy0829Feb. 4, 1311:41 PM

But hey we still have 3.2% beer, what a joke this state has become.

nickdogFeb. 5, 13 1:04 AM

What's with the 3.2 law? Hmmm, why would the state keep a law on the books from the 1930's? Minnesota is one of JUST 12 states that bans hard liquor sales on Sunday and one of JUST five that also bans wine sales on Sunday. Sunday sales bans are also a law from the 1930's when Prohibition just ended. For those who say that DWI's will go up with Sunday liquor sales, you're incorrect! Here's the fact check on this statement:


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