Souhan: Super Bowl shows that either style of QB works just fine

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 4, 2013 - 10:38 PM

The debate will continue, but in the end Super Bowl XLVII proved that, when it comes to offensive trends in modern football, there is no reason to pick a side.

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widow124Feb. 5, 1312:35 AM

Well it's a product of the flavor of the game in the lower ranks of football. Players learn and play in more 'wide-open' type offenses in high school and especially in college. So these same trends trickle up(?) into the NFL.

purplewvFeb. 5, 13 7:40 AM

Jim, your column makes a good point, about QB "Types". The only thing that I believe that you left out of your column, is regardless of type, winning, and sucess, have more to do with the personell around the QB, than the QB himself. There have been many good pocket passers, and running QB's, that have come out of the draft, and put into situations, that were so bad that they failed. Your comment about the 49ers, is the point. Montana was a hall of fame [pocket passer] QB that was surrounded by a great O-Line, with elite personell, at all of the skilled positions. He gave way to Steve Young [mobile, running] QB, who was put into the same situation. Looking at the Vikings past. In 1998 Johnson started the season, and after injury, was replaced by Cunningham, who some would argue, was past his prime. 2 totally different style QB's, but playing with elite talent. The team was a missed FG away from the Super bowl. The MOST important thing for a QB, is not what type of QB he is. The MOST important thing is what is around him. I would concider Rogers as a top 3 QB in the league. He also has a great rec. corps. If you were to put him in Ponders spot, he maybe have better stats, but would not be elite. If Ponder had the targets rogers has, and was used to the system, he would be one of the better QB's in the league. Just look at the last few GB back-ups. They step in for Rogers, have these hugh games. They get signed to these big FA contracts, and fizzle out with their new teams, because they don't have the same talent around them. GO VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vlombardyFeb. 5, 13 8:01 AM

Who will last longer in the league--a pocket passer, or running QB? The ave. career of an NFL running back is ~2.6 years; ave. career of a QB is 4.4 years. So, on average, a pocket QB should last maybe 20% longer than a running one, assuming he passes 50% of the time. Vick is an example; and RGIII may be the next as to the danger of running in the NFL.

partskcojFeb. 5, 1311:26 AM

Give me a break! Ponder doesn't have the physical tools to be a franchise QB in any system you want to put him in. You can give him HOF WRs and it would not matter much. The kid has a weak arm and can't hit the broadside of a barn. His thows to Harvin on the bubble screen and slants almost got Percy killed. You can give Ponder another ten years and he will still be nothing but a backup QB.Spielman whiffed on RG3 and blew it on the K-Man and Wilson. No elite WR will want to play with Ponder. This kid DOES NOT have the physical tools period. At the awards banquet they made a joke about Ponder.Guys like Marino and Bradshaw laugh when his name is mentioned. This team is goin nowhere with Ponder at QB and Spielman as GM. Both are losers.

gerrymanderFeb. 5, 1312:41 PM

Ponder couldn't even cut in the CFL. Get a real QB and then get back to me.

partskcojFeb. 5, 13 2:41 PM

ROTO WORLD the #1 pro football experts on the Vikes. #1 Ponder is a first rd bust. Vikes must sign Matt Moore. #2 Must sign Harvin and F/A Wallace #3 Brinkley and Hederson must be replaced. The Vikes can not improve beyond mediocrity without a legit QB.

tjtwinsfanFeb. 5, 13 3:17 PM

There were 4 key plays that went against the 49ers. no.1 The non call interference in the end Zone. no.2 No penalty was called on the safety. It was pointed out that several Ravens literally tackled 49ers to allow more time to run off while chasing the punter. They knew the 49ers would decline the penalty for it would take even more time off the clock. But still no penalty was even called. The rule should be changed to if you do hold on a safety it should be assessed on the punt after the safety thus the offen No. 3 Did anyone actually look close at the 108 kickoff return? There was a obvious holding call on the Ravens. Watch the replay on Youtube and stop it half way through the run through the 49ers. It was so obvious. There were 2 Ravens sandwiching one 49er like a peanut butter sandwich. It looked like number51 he had his arm wrapped around the 49er waist and was pushed up tight to the 49er and the other Raven was on the other side of the 49er with his whole body up against the 49er. It was so blantantly obvious but no one including the announcers and reefs never said a word. Watch it. No.4 When the Ravens punted the punt following the safety. Ted Gin tossed the ball up in the air as he was falling to the ground. And immediately all the Ravens ran onto the field. Even though it may have still been a live ball. If he did toss it before he was ruled down it would have been a live ball. Running onto the field to early is a penalty and since it was the Ravens sideline that did it, It would have been a defensive penalty and we all know that a game cannot end on a defensive penalty. Thus moving the ball closer and one more play. But being it was the Super Bowl no reef had the gutts to stop the mayhem that followed. No reef was going to get everyone back in their seats and guts enough to call a penalty. I'm not a 49er fan but there were several things they got screwed out of. I'm glad the Ravens won. John is a lot more likeable coach over Jim. Lewis got away with murder just like O.J. did so I don't care about all his whining he does. True no reef wants to be responsible for calling interference in the end zone on a play that would have won it. And true on a play at the end of the game should not be a controversial call that wins it.

tjtwinsfanFeb. 5, 13 3:26 PM

Re: partskcoj Sign Matt Moore. I'm LMAO. You make me laugh. Next suggestion you would make is sign Kolb. Then you would make me laugh even harder. Try Flynn that would keep me laughing. Now if you suggested Alex Smith that would calm me down. We need a franchise Qb not eternal junk players.

tjtwinsfanFeb. 5, 13 3:33 PM

RE: purplewv you must have read alot of my posts. Because I have been saying that all the time. If you put Rodgers in our offense with our receiver he would be average at best. The Qb always is a lot better if he has great receivers to throw to. I'm glad you are on board now and see that!!!

tjtwinsfanFeb. 5, 13 3:40 PM

RE: purplewv There have been Packer fans in here who argued with me that it is Rodgers who made the receivers great and not the receivers that make the Qb great. I will point out to all of you once again. A team needs at least 2 if not 3 great receivers to make a Qb good to great. Pointing our when we had Moss Carter and Reed. When Reed left the passing game was still good but not as great as when the Vikes had all three. Same with when the Rams had 3 great ones in Tory Holt , Issac Bruce and Az Akeem. The Vikings also had Smith and the Rams also had Faulk. Both teams were better than the Packers team. But the fact remains after teams lose their receivers the Qb is not nearly as good as when it has 3 great receivers.


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