Wolves' furious rally falls just short against Blazers

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 5, 2013 - 6:09 AM

Down by 19 in the second half, the Wolves pulled within one late but never could claim the lead.

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wisstinks4Feb. 4, 13 9:35 PM

Again, a loss to an inferior Portland team. We should beat these bums 75% of the time we play them. What the heck?! Sad, I feel bad for all my close personal friends who have season tickets, they are not getting their moneys worth of hoop action. Let's go Wolves, turn it on!!!

wln5t0nFeb. 4, 13 9:35 PM

I have no sympathy. You can't play just one quarter of acceptable basketball and expect to win.

shira123Feb. 4, 13 9:40 PM

Everybody watching the Wolves recently knew no matter how furious the comeback, the Wolves were going to lose this game.. Predictable..To lose to a 500 team that basically had the most turnovers in the entire NBA this year at home is, once again, sadly embarassing for all fans.. No matter the spin on this game..The pathetic defense, shooting and rebounding for most of the game shows this team is currently lucky to beat any but the bottom feeders of the NBA.. Once again, the Wolves will be a looking at the lottery, in hopes of drafting anybody that can shoot the 3..Rubio is coming on, and that, alone gives us hope..

chucktraylorFeb. 4, 13 9:48 PM

Berea and Shved on the court at the end of the game, and the best shot the Wolves could come up with is Cunningham on a jump shot? Cunningham's sphincter shrinkage was very evident. When will Kahn admit he wasted ANOTHER Top Ten draft pick and get rid of Williams. I'd rather see Squeezed Sphincter Cunningham play than "I'm a Star But Nobody Else Knows It" Williams.

yogi43Feb. 4, 13 9:53 PM

I have never coached at any level, and like most of you, never played any sport past the high school level, however I have watched many, many games over the past 50 years.(I am 69 years old now). A decent team nevers lets someone have a run like Portland had in the 3rd quarter. We went from 4 behind to 16 behind in no time---and no time out called to stop their run. Chris Johnson rotted on the bench again tonight, a night when they could have used some energy during at least two of the quarters. Let's not play for a high draft choice, as we will screw that up anyway. Williams should have stayed in college.

15octoberFeb. 4, 13 9:55 PM

I continue to be in disbelief at this coach and his substitution pattern. When you have a group that is getting their hind ends handed to them, don't you change players? His disinterest is also very baffling. Stand up and look like you care.

wisstinks4Feb. 4, 1310:02 PM

34 minutes and 3 lousy points?? Wha happened? Derek Williams and Anderi Kirlinko where did you go? How can they barely contribute to the effort? Both played need to give money back to the franchise, they were both horrible. We can't win playing our 3 guys vs. their 5 guys. So sad.

montanarayFeb. 4, 1310:40 PM

You don't lose in the last seconds. You have to win three quarters and keep close in the other. Sorry, Williams needs to go back to the bench. Maybe trade him and Amundson and get some help. I like Amundson but he doesn't get to play.

chucktraylorFeb. 4, 1311:01 PM

I never thought I'd say this, after witnessing his infantile behavior in Denver, however, I think the Wolves should trade Derrick Williams for J.R. Smith. At least a jump shot would be made occasionally.

rustyscupperFeb. 5, 13 3:32 AM

99% if not 100% of the GM's in the league would have taken D Will as the number 2 pick in the draft, so STOP beating that drum. Same for Wesley Johnson, and if you dont believe me then go back and look at the drafts. Enough, if the team were healthy we would be looking at the playoffs. You cant blame Kahn for this.


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