Untouchable in Iraq, super sniper is shot to death at Texas gun range

  • Article by: ADAM BERNSTEIN , Washington Post
  • Updated: February 4, 2013 - 6:16 AM

Police don't know what triggered the double murder at a gun range.

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cricketedFeb. 3, 1310:16 AM

so much for no shootings at firing ranges.But I am sure this will fuel even more gun sales

csjohn1Feb. 3, 1310:35 AM

If only there was one rational argument against stricter gun control the whole would evaporate. But the issues of personal safety, personal protection, second amendment rights, or overthrowing our constitutional democracy ware all without merit. Anecdotal evidence is always trumped by statistics. Guns aren't safe in the home. In the classroom, on campus, shopping, arrrgh!

lilcezarFeb. 3, 1310:37 AM

Hey Vegas2112, Can't you see that this was a hit? (intentional)

shushyn78Feb. 3, 1310:54 AM

Veterans trust each other. Hunters trust each other. We trust the police with their weapons to not hurt civilians. The record will show the shooter needed help and Kyle was one component of that and it cost him and his friend their lives.

bobblumenfelFeb. 3, 1311:08 AM

@LilCezar: I see nothing in the report to give any motive, so your proposing this was a "hit" is pure fantasy on your part, like conspiracy theories. You want to believe it, so why doesn't Vegas2112 see it? But let's look at the NRA's prime cry: Everyone should be armed -- (or at least, all of us right-thinking Americans should be). This was at a gun range. Virtually everyone WAS armed, by definition, and, in fact, the victim was a professional shooter. Didn't seem to help.

bobblumenfelFeb. 3, 1311:11 AM

@shushyn78: For all we know right now, this could have been a personal spat between the two that went too far. Regardless, the victim was a professional shooter at a shooting range. We know he had a weapon with him, possibly even a CCW. So how come he's dead?

justaxnspendFeb. 3, 1311:32 AM

O K, so where is the connection to Jesse???

marka1960Feb. 3, 1311:53 AM

The man had mental health issues? Probably should not have access to a weapon, almost like the Newtown shooter. Do not blame the weapon. I would not take a person shooting if I knew they had mental health issues, that's just my thought's! Common sense goes a long way!

mrinformedFeb. 3, 1311:58 AM

vegas2112's point doesnt make sense. This guy turned on the person trying to help him. Because he was shot is a moot point. How was this to be expected? It wouldnt have mattered if these guys were at a dinner party and the guy stabbed them in the back with a steak knife.

workforit1Feb. 3, 1312:11 PM

A very sad day when a true American hero is killed in this way. The comments on this page by people who want to forward a gun control agenda are very sad. I think it shows you have no gratitude or respect for the people who protect your freedom to live your very selfish life. Maybe some day you will make a sacrafice for your country, until this, just wish his family the best and prayers.


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