NRA faces major test of clout in Minnesota

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE and BRANDON STAHL , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 4, 2013 - 12:00 PM

DFL-controlled Legislature will weigh a range of gun-control bills. NRA says numbers are on its side.

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sharkysharkFeb. 2, 1310:11 PM

This issue is about right and wrong. The Second Amendment is a Constitutional RIGHT and trying to blame legal gun owners for crime is WRONG.

jcinmnFeb. 2, 1311:02 PM

sharkyshark "This issue is about right and wrong. The Second Amendment is a Constitutional RIGHT and trying to blame legal gun owners for crime is WRONG" I don't see anyone blaming legal gun owners for anything except negligence when failing to report the theft of their weapons. If you believe that the government is trying to take away your right to own a gun you are buying into the NRA propaganda. What is needed is a way to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, treat their illness and control the amount of ammunition that can be delivered to victims during a shooting.

jjsbrwFeb. 2, 1311:25 PM

The NRA is an extremely effective lobbying organization for their "corporate partners" that contribute 74% of their funding.

mdachsFeb. 2, 1311:29 PM

The DFL will see the folly of its ways if it attempts to pass ANY

wdntyouknwFeb. 3, 1312:29 AM

Anyone who thinks this is about the Second Amendment needs to study Constitutional Law. Like speech and every other right, there are restrictions. Rules and regulations pertaining to our rights for the protection of others is a hallmark of American Constitutional history. We should be debating what the proper rules should be surrounding guns not disrespecting our Constitution by slinging it opponents like mud.

aj9000Feb. 3, 1312:50 AM

The power of the NRA in Minnesota has nothing to do with money. It is in the sheer numbers of Minnesotans who will mobilize to protect their Constitutional gun rights. The most sure way to end a political career in Minnesota outside the metro core is to seek to criminalize a large number of your law abiding constituents.

minn12Feb. 3, 13 3:53 AM

Leave nothing to chance. If you own a gun, target shoot, and/or hunt you need to IMMEDIATELY call and email your representatives. Don't assume someone else will do it. Contact them and politely but firmly tell them you are against any gun bans or restrictions. Remind them an assault weapons ban has already been tried, and made no difference. Tell them you want them to vote against any useless bans. And politely tell them if they vote in favor of any bans, you will vote AGAINST them. Please contact them asap, and often.

EleanoreFeb. 3, 13 4:50 AM

Passing laws in conflict with the second amendment has zero to do with the NRA. This is a test of the Legislature. Will it act in accordance with our rule of law, or will it act in rebellion and try to ban this or that at their whim? I fear for Minnesota if our representatives rebel against us in this basic civil right. They will be acting dangerously irresponsibly and the conflict will be owned by them. Please write your legislators and the Gov. Let them know no civil rights abuse will be tolerated by any individuals in MN.

jim4848Feb. 3, 13 5:20 AM

So in Minnesota it's against the law for a felon to buy a gun, but it's not against the law for a private party to sell a gun to a felon. In Minnesota it's against the law for a minor gang banger to buy a gun, but it's not against the law for a private party to sell a minor gang banger a gun. Nice little game for a good guy with a gun for sale.

barbjensFeb. 3, 13 5:51 AM

WHY doe this have to be a DFL vs GOP issue. Gun owners of hunting and handguns are being used by the NRA to fight an issue that should be "common sense". The Heavy Artillary and gun magazines have nothing to do with self protecton and/or hunting. In spite of what the NRA wants you to think no one is taking away your guns that you use for hunting, etc.


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