Amid gun-control debate, White House releases photo of Obama shooting clay targets

  • Article by: DARLENE SUPERVILLE , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 2, 2013 - 10:29 PM
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ronpaulbabyFeb. 2, 1311:02 AM

A staged photo of Obama holding a smoking gun. This is grade-school level propaganda.

dmulville72Feb. 2, 1311:04 AM

so where is the pic? Was it really a rifle? Most people I know that skeet shoot have always used a shotgun, so is this an editing error in the article or just propaganda? This whole debate is neverending because both sides are to stubborn and frankly stupid to see that neither is right. Way to buy into the pathetic fight sheeple. This rhetoric on "gun control/rights" is simply to keep the idiots fighting while ignoring the real issues.

thedanmanFeb. 2, 1311:28 AM

Media, don't bother. But that this statement is included is just absolutely funny. "The shotgun is cocked in Obama's left shoulder, his left index finger is on the trigger and smoke is coming from the barrel."

johndontFeb. 2, 1311:42 AM

When he comes to Mpls I hope Obama mentions how the Newtown Board of Education yesterday voted to install armed guards in their Elementary schools.

polaricecapFeb. 2, 1311:48 AM

The pandering, media manipulation and propaganda by this President is his greatest accomplishment.

dmulville72Feb. 2, 1312:03 PM

Nice addition of the pic and correcting the wording in the original article. If you are going to report this propaganda then at least try to get the difference between a rifle and shotgun correct. Lazy editing at its finest.

greg62Feb. 2, 1312:11 PM

This reminds me of when democrat John Kerry was running for President and wanted a photo op to show him hunting so the country could see what an "outdoorsman" he was. The problem was the shotgun he was posing with was a model on his list of guns he wanted banned. People can see right through this stuff!

jimmyjames76Feb. 2, 1312:15 PM

Every politician does this...calm down. Do you really think Bush did his own landscaping work? Tea Party poster boy Paul Ryan was photographed washing clean dishes so he could appear compassionate to the poor.

jimiekFeb. 2, 1312:29 PM

The "media" called it a rifle...any one that has ever shot trap knows that this is an over and under shot gun...a gun that you would use to shoot trap.

mankato58Feb. 2, 1312:36 PM

Riddle these items seen, or not seen, in this staged photo: 1. No evidence of recoil on shooter; 2. Only one choke installed on a double barrel gun; 3. Excessive smoke (we utilize smokeless powder these days and it has no where near this amount of smoke); and 4. Smoke from muzzle and ports on offside but no smoke on nearside. I would like an explanation of these from President BHO.


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