Obama will discuss guns on North Side

  • Article by: MATT McKINNEY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 2, 2013 - 11:32 AM

Minneapolis trip will be his first on-the-road pitch for his plan.

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Wally_99Feb. 1, 13 9:53 PM

4,800 new conceal & carry permits in MN, thanks to your marketing, Mr. Prez! Good luck trumpeting your message!

wendyholtzFeb. 1, 1310:00 PM

Great place to start a conversation on what can be done. This gun pride us Americans have, is odd at best.

thedanmanFeb. 1, 1310:27 PM

Good news on the fight they should, and in this case are focusing on (from the home page). 17-year-old gang member who blindly shot up a home likely faces 28 years in prison after admitting role in death of Nizzel George. I'm out of my league on sentencing guidelines so I'll not worry about that but "gang member" sure sticks out.

quinnerooFeb. 1, 1310:57 PM

"but "gang member" sure sticks out."....................17 year old with a handgun sure sticks out.

russellinazFeb. 1, 1310:58 PM

Will someone in the media PLEASE ask President Obama why he HAS NOT banned the import of assault weapons and high capacity magazines? He DOES NOT need Congress for an import ban. Both President Bush (Daddy) and Clinton had assault weapon importation bans during their administrations. So far all we have gotten out of our President is lip service on this issue. He could, with the stroke of a pen, show leadership on this issue and ban these weapons from import. Does it solve the problem? No. Would it show leadership and show and that he is serious? YES! Do something Mr. President. And will someone in the media press this question? If President Bush could do it why the heck can't President Obama??

turbomaFeb. 2, 13 1:17 AM

To russellinaz: Will someone in the media PLEASE ask President Obama why he HAS NOT banned the import of assault weapons and high capacity magazines? Ask Erik Holden. It's in his hands and of the dems, repubs, NRA lobbyists, you name it.

comment229Feb. 2, 13 3:48 AM

jpcooper: you might want to check out who made that deal with Egypt before your next post.

greg62Feb. 2, 13 3:53 AM

"All that is needed on the North Side is a stop and frisk policy. And a similar shakedown of houses harboring known bad guys."________ Exactly! Any condition of early prison release for these dangerous gang members must be an agreement to be stopped and frisked at any time. Let's make it tougher on bad guys instead of law abiding citizens wanting to protect themselves from the bad buys.

probsolverFeb. 2, 13 4:49 AM

How bout parents spend time with their children, hugging them, doing homework with them every night, making their children the most important thing in their parents lives. It wont solve all the gun violence but it will put a serious dent in it.

husker1983Feb. 2, 13 6:27 AM

"Why can't they be frisked on site". It's called protection from unlawful search and seizure. The Constitution isn't a menu that can be selected from. Just as some want free speech, others the right to bear arms. I don't want others choosing my rights for me and that means I can't choose the rights of others. Seems odd at times but it is still the best system in the world.


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