Transit plan offers a new path for growth

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  • Updated: February 3, 2013 - 5:01 PM

Legislature, business, citizens should embrace governor's vision.

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davehougFeb. 3, 13 6:49 PM

but also reduce traffic jams and make the metro area more economically competitive - - A) Traffic is WORSE alongside the lines. B) Taking a billion out of the economy per line as opposed to putting a billion for each line into education would make the metro more competitive.

lawstarFeb. 4, 13 7:25 AM

Let us embrace the transportation technology of the Nineteenth Century!

acctsah2Feb. 4, 13 8:01 AM

Chuga Chuga choo chooooooo...........All aboard the trains to nowhere. Let's keep throwing more and more money into something that is not working. Doesn't it says something when there is never enough money to support this? And spare me the comments about roads paying for themselves, they would if money dedicated to roads actually went to roads. I know, I know, I'm in the 'regressive' minority, according to the article 80% of Minnesota residents support siphoning more money for transit.

palsarFeb. 4, 13 9:19 AM

"A return on investment of $6 billion to $10 billion total by 2030..." -- ok, take whatever projection they give and cut it by at least 2/3.

jimdogFeb. 4, 13 9:33 AM

"And spare me the comments about roads paying for themselves, they would if money dedicated to roads actually went to roads.".............. And which money dedicated to roads do you mean? It is often stated that they divert a portion of the state gas tax to transit. This is totally false. 100% of MN state gas tax goes to roads. Zero of the state gas tax goes to mass transit. You can look it up.

davewtcFeb. 4, 13 9:41 AM

In favor - unless of course they spend the money on something else which is what normally happens.

mattaudioFeb. 4, 1310:28 AM

@acctsah2, nice try. Studies have shown that less than 25% of road costs are actually covered by the gas tax, tolls, and all other forms of user fees combined. Most high quality transit has a farebox recovery ratio higher than most roads!

mn2niceFeb. 4, 1310:45 AM

All the growth projections for the 7-county metro region show continued population growth into 2030, and that means continued congestion on metro-area highways that will only get worse as time marches on. There is only so much expansion of the highways we can do, because many of them are built up right next to residential and business areas (169 and 100 are great examples of this). I would go even further and increase the amount of the proposed sales tax increase dedicated to transit to one-half cent so that the metro region can also aggressively work to expand transit throughout the region, including additional light rail transit lines beyond the currently proposed Southwest and Bottineau corridors to other areas, such as up the Highway 65 corridor to Blaine and the Northland Mall, south from MOA to Burnsville, and west to Wayzata along the I-394 corridor. I would also extend the Bottineau corridor line from Brooklyn Park to the Maple Grove Transit Center and up to Rogers. Additionally, other states allow their regional transit authorities to issue municipal bonds to help pay for transit improvements rather than relying upon budget item appropriations, which are subject to the whims of political fancy, to fund their systems. For those states which use the bonding approach, it works quite well. We need to maximize the use of light rail transit, because as studies from the industry and transit-oriented institutes have shown, light rail brings many more benefits than does bus-only systems, and results in significantly reduced pollution, which buses add to.

ZombiehunterFeb. 4, 1312:33 PM

"Let us embrace the transportation technology of the Nineteenth Century!"

You mean like cars, which were invented in the 19th century?

ZombiehunterFeb. 4, 1312:34 PM

"Let's keep throwing more and more money into something that is not working."

I'm with ya there, man! No more roads to nowhere like the Stillwater bridge!


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