Edina legislator battles for gas tax increase

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 2, 2013 - 7:01 PM

Ron Erhardt has switched from GOP to DFL, but hasn't given up fight for transportation investment.

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texas_technomanFeb. 2, 13 7:07 PM

Gas tax is so last century. You need to switch to a tax based on Gross Vehicle Weight x Miles driven. That way everyone pays there far share....heavier vehicles do more damage...and hybrids and electrics don't pay their fare share. Other states are exploring this...come on Mn...show the nation that you have some sort of vision of the future!

nathanhaleFeb. 2, 1310:07 PM

Lori: What is "brave" about raising a regressive tax?

wilson55436Feb. 3, 13 2:11 AM

The DFL should know they're not getting a liberal representative from Edina. I've known Ron for twenty years and he's an independent who is willing to challenge the power brokers on behalf of his constituents. He really belongs on an independent label and the liberals will fear the day they tell Ron to take a back seat to their agenda.

basia2186Feb. 3, 13 3:01 AM

Lose the income and property taxes, totally wipe them out. 7% VAT on everything! Tax internet sales an additional few % to save local retail. This will virtually eliminate tax fraud. Everyone will have skin in the game. The legislature will be relieved of wasting time trying to squeeze more blood out of dried up turnips. Used items from cars to clothes shall not be taxed to encourage recycling everything that can possibly be used or fixed. No additional taxes may be dreamed up by the legislature. What a relief that would be. Of course CPAs would have to be re-trained.....

brianjapanFeb. 3, 13 6:25 AM

Vote him out please

upnorth85Feb. 3, 13 7:47 AM

Ron says a sales tax would penalize rural residents but not benefit them. Would the state wide sales tax not do the same thing? No doubt fringe suburbs of the metro counties which have no transit system of any sort have for years been paying metro transit taxes as part of the property taxes but get nothing for the privilege of being taxed.

davewtcFeb. 3, 13 8:53 AM

If you intend to put the money into mass transit infrastucture, I'm OK with it. Otherwise, if you just plan to widen 494 (again!) forget it.

copper88Feb. 3, 13 9:09 AM

Time to take your medicine people. We've been coasting on all the infrastructure improvements our grandparents made for years. Now we have to start paying and that won't be without pain. As for all the rural residents who will be paying dearly: You can always get a horse and buggy or you can move into the city.

jd55604Feb. 3, 1311:23 AM

copper88, environmentalists have been coasting on our fuel taxes for years now by diverting these funds for bike paths, light-rail schemes and subsidized bus services. It's time these people take their medicine, quit stealing from motorists and start paying for the services they use. If we want to address any road infrastructure budget shortfalls we need to first stop skimming off the top for non-road projects.

psc56stribFeb. 3, 1312:32 PM

jd55604, The Minnesota Constitution dedicates gas taxes to roads and bridges. Roads and bridges cost so much to maintain and build that the gas tax raises no where close to enough money to pay for them. The idea that gas taxes are diverted for other purposes is an ignorant and unconstitutional myth. If you actually want to fund roads/bridges in away that can't be diverted, you should be supporting more gas tax revenue.


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