Birk gives some thought to a lifetime of collisions

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 1, 2013 - 6:59 AM

Former Viking Matt Birk loves football, but once he's gone, he'll donate his brain to further study the game's side effects.

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jcinmnJan. 31, 1310:52 PM

Of Course Chris. You had special rules protecting you from getting hit like linebackers and running backs do. The pure and simple fact is that there is nothing that can stop the brain from colliding with the skull in a 30 - 50 mph collision (which is what happens when a running back collides with a defender)

jackpine54Jan. 31, 1311:27 PM

This guy is a class act.It's to bad that he got into pissing match with people that are no longer with the Vikings.I hope that he gets his ring,and retires,and maybe someday looks at coaching somewhere close to home.

gps1010Feb. 1, 13 3:29 AM

Yeah, he's a "jerk", sure. He's a two-time NFL Man of the Year who unlike the soon-to-be-cut Chris Kluwe actually believes in the causes he promotes rather than seeing them as nothing more than a vehicle to bring attention to himself like some puerile adolescent. Of all the stupid things Childress did -- and there's a laundry list full of them -- getting rid of Birk because he wouldn't bow to Chilly's bloated ego has to rank near the top.

coolnoutFeb. 1, 13 5:13 AM

"It is the most popular sport for a reason. You look at some of the other sports." Gladiators fighting to death in a ring today would more as popular and just slightly more dangerous then football. The sport exposes the brain to repeated trauma. Now tell us again how that is fun?

wisstinks4Feb. 1, 13 6:40 AM

I'm a fan of Matt Birk, he was scapegoated by the hometown team for some mistakes. Look at the body of work not just a few games. Conversely I cant stand McKinnie, he deserves nothing for a lazy performance with the Vikings. He gave up and was terrible. For Matt Birk who is an intelligent football players I hope he wins the Super Bowl brings it home to Minney and says, you could have had this too. dum dum vikings.

bredpathFeb. 1, 13 7:19 AM

jcinmn - All these rules(defenseless player, etc.) protecting WR's from vicious hits didn't come around until Carter was out of the league. He was just exceptional at avoiding big hits.

turgidFeb. 1, 13 7:43 AM

I don't agree with some of Birk's positions he's taken, but you have to respect an active player who speaks out about head trauma.

TabarnooshFeb. 1, 13 8:18 AM

Anyone who says Birks is a jerk form leaving the Vikings fails to understand these guys are in essence independent contractors. They are drafted or hired to do a specific task. You can't blame Birk for wanting to look after his, and his family's, best interest and go where the money and potential for winning is. As far as his personal views he is as entitled to his opinion, and to voice his opinion, as much as anyone. Including Mr Kluwe. Matt Birk is a class guy.

joe_mnFeb. 1, 13 8:22 AM

A lineman is subject to much lower speed impacts vs a running back or wide receiver. Much less chance of getting head injuries

northcoasterFeb. 1, 1312:28 PM

Birk's right wing politics, on full display this past year (raising money for Mary Kiffmeyer's photo ID effort and promoting the anti-marriage amendment) makes it impossible to root for him/Baltimore in the game Sunday. Go SF!


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