Former Minneapolis FBI director attacks Jones' ATF nomination

  • Article by: DAN BROWNING and PAUL McENROE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: January 31, 2013 - 10:20 PM

Former head of local FBI office, in letter to Senate panel, denounced work of U.S. attorney.

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dflleftJan. 31, 13 8:22 PM

WOW, always a good idea to let big time drug offenders to go free....thats the liberal way.

sheprico1Jan. 31, 13 8:49 PM

Ouch! thats got to leave a mark. Thank you Strib for some hard reporting and a rare negative portrayal of Democratic/liberal political machine hard at work subverting the rule of law, ala, Eric Holder.

underarmourJan. 31, 13 8:52 PM

Minnesota has a big gang problem. It sounds like B. Todd Jones is tying one hand behind the back of FBI agents.

minn12Jan. 31, 13 9:44 PM

It now appears that those who claim Jones was nothing more than an incompetent 'affirmative action' choice by Obama were correct. Based on his performance here, with every single category of prosecutions down, along with complaints from most other agencies, he should be fired. We need effective, top-level people in important jobs. Jones is neither.

dflleftJan. 31, 13 9:58 PM

PERHAPS one of the hard core DFL liberals [that post early and often] should tell us all why this guy should get promoted.

viktorvaughnJan. 31, 1310:24 PM

This was excellent reporting. It's so rare you see such a bright light on country club corruption. But Jones refusing drug cases in favor of other priorities is a good thing. The drug war failed. It's resulted in a vastly bigger government that has treated neighborhoods like war zones. The war on drugs has turned communities against the police. We've squandered billions, but drugs are more prevalent than ever. The mexican cartels make out like Al Capone and prohibition still doesn't work.

The first step out of this madness is to join Colorado and Washington and decriminalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol.

vegas2112Jan. 31, 1311:13 PM

RE:dflleft "WOW, always a good idea to let big time drug offenders to go free" --------------------- Simple minds come to simple conclusions. The USAO has limited resources, not enough attorneys, and they need to establish priorities. Notwithstanding your shallow observations,"big time drug offenders" are federally prosecuted and sentenced to long prison terms.

william16Jan. 31, 1311:16 PM

The only way Todd Jones should be approved as head of ATF is if he agrees in writing to dismantle the agency and transfer its work and employees to the FBI, DEA and other agencies that already duplicate ATF work, and do it better. Based on allegations of Jones' managerial incompetence, it sounds like he's the perfect boss to oversee the cycling of ATF down the drain.

twinkles222Jan. 31, 1311:22 PM

The Minneapolis FBI has had two (yes that is two) whistleblowers. No other FBI office has that distinction. Both whistleblowers were retaliated against, and misconduct and malfeasance were covered up. Neither the FBI or the United States Attorney's Office in Minneapolis have clean hands, or a pure heart.

vegas2112Jan. 31, 1311:28 PM

RE:twinkles222 "...Neither the FBI or the United States Attorney's Office in Minneapolis have clean hands, or a pure heart." ----------------------- That is fair assessment. In MN, US Attorneys in the Criminal Division would rather work with the DEA than the FBI. Part of the reason is that DEA agents are much less centralized than the FBI.


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