Coach, GM stay patient as Wild's Granlund adjusts

  • Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 31, 2013 - 12:09 AM
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yathinksoJan. 30, 13 9:55 PM

Sorry Fletcher, every night so far has been and off night for Granlund. AND THANKS FOR TRADING LEDDY.

mkia130johnJan. 30, 1310:51 PM

Grandlund had better results compared to Coyle, Larsson and Zucker when he was in Houston. This is your number 1 prospect, he averaged 1 point a game and that is way better than anyone else down there. He lacks enough stength and speed, seems very unlikely that he will be able to figure this thing out without having the two tools he is missing, the other coaches will continue to eat this guy up for turnovers, especially at center....

northsportsJan. 30, 1311:07 PM

Granlund is a step slow to play his normal puck control style in the NHL which means he is going to have to adjust and get pucks in deep more than he is used to plus back check and play good defense. Granlund's future success is going to depend largely on whether or not the Wild can pick up a good leftwing who has the size and skill set to go in and retrieve pucks for him and then set him up. It is also obvious that the leftwing power forward they need to match up with him has to be scary enough to keep the other teams from cheapshotting the kid. He has already taken way too many cheap shots this year and there has been no repercussions to anyone who has taken advantage of the kid. He took a bad one tonight and in the Redwings game, Franzen crosschecked him in the back numerous times and when he was down on the ice on top of it. Good teams make people pay for that stuff which is the other reason they need a big leftwing who can take care of himself and his team mates on Granlund's line. With Cullen and PMB coming off of the cap hit next year the Wild should be looking to sign a top free agent leftwing or package PMB and another young gun in the system to another team yet this year for a good young leftwing. Brodin also needs someone to watch his back as he is looking like a franchise player at this point but he will get run more and more as teams are desparate to make the playoffs and then on into the playoffs. He already broke his collarbone down in the AHL and he is playing a good 20 pounds light for his frame at this time which makes him more vulnerable also. Zucker goes about 160 lbs. and is like minus 20 down in the AHL. He is not the answer to anything at this point. Coyle has a future but he needs to learn how to fight to protect himself and his team mates as he is big enough to do it and that simply goes with the territory of being a power forward. Prosser and Faulk had to learn how and when to fight which is simply expected when you are one of the big boys on the ice. It took them awhile to figure out they needed to watch their team mates backs but they are both better at it now. The team that Yeo took to the finals down in the AHL 2 years ago was team tough as they watched each others backs. They probably would have won it all too if someone had not run Spurgeon and hurt him. Lastly, that was one of the more entertaining games I have watched the Wild play in a long time. If it was not for the defensemen who made the super lazy linechange which caused TG/77 to get out on the ice late and also caused him to have to sag on Toewes shot we would have probably won that one in regulation.

ctillhockeyJan. 30, 1311:40 PM

I am more than happy to be patient as Granlund develops in Houston. He clearly doesn't belong in the NHL yet. Even in the win against Chicago tonight, he proved that.

caferevJan. 30, 1311:44 PM

Stay patient, boys. Within the next couple weeks, I see Stephen Weiss being acquired to center the second line. Then this team will roll three productive lines.

harps54Jan. 30, 1311:59 PM

Granlund is young and will adjust. At least he is battling. He is playing with a veteran wing (PMB) who is stationery on the boards above the circle and never goes into a corner to fight for the puck. PMB is a very limited player who refuses to go into the corners and is making an outrageous amount of money for a one dimensional player. When you are on the ice with him at full strength, you are playing short-handed.

ReporterJan. 31, 13 2:50 AM

Granlund looked awful in the first period last night. He seemed to panic when he gets the puck and turnover the puck quickly and easily. But in the third last night he looked much more confident. He was pushing toward the net, getting his stick down on the ice more. Hopefully it is a sign that he's more confident and learning the level of play. Still, he should be on a short leash now.

pagui876Jan. 31, 13 6:52 AM

Its a fact that Granlund needs to get more strenght and improve his skating, no doubt about it and its easy to blame him for the underperformance of the second line. There are also two other forwards in that line who havent been any better on my opinion. Granlund definitely isnt a cornerfighter and needs that kind of a winger around him. If MG got the puck more in the offensive zone i could only imagine the damage. MG:s performance in the WC was phenomenal and the opponents consisted of NHL players, and yes he owned them all with the right lineup.

jtrullandJan. 31, 13 9:48 AM

Yes THANK YOU Chuck for trading Leddy. Last thing our team needs is another 5/6 defencemen. Wish we could have gotten more back in the trade but heck sometimes that happens!

jakemanoJan. 31, 1311:38 AM

Granlund does look a little weak. He is 20 years old and small. He will learn to adapt. He will get stronger. He makes nice plays, though. Even in the terrible game against Columbus, he fed Seto on a nifty behind the back pass and Seto was robbed. Once he understands how much different the NHL is, he will adapt. If he can't, then you move on. Let the kid adapt. It took a guy like St. Louis until he was 25 to adapt. PMB is small, but to say he doesn't go into the corners is not accurate. He doesn't bash guys into the walls, but he does go into the corners and forechecks very well. In the 1st period, he, CC and Brodz had a couple shifts where they completely bottled up the Hawks and it was due to PMB's work on d-men in the corners, using his stick and his speed to cut off passing lanes, etc. I think his problem is he doesn't shoot enough. On the 5-on-3, he had a play where he walked right at Crawford as the Hawks let him, but he faked the shot and did a nice behind the back to pass to either Suter or Koivu for a blast from 40 ft away. PMB needs to shoot that puck as he can bury it. This team has a lot of NEW key players that need to play together more. If we can withstand this early 'struggle', we will be fine. GO WILD!


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