Waning clout for Tea Party?

  • Article by: DANA MILBANK
  • Updated: January 30, 2013 - 7:02 PM

The Tea Party is losing a few of its revelers.

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rockpile12Jan. 30, 13 7:18 PM

I don’t think the Tea Party ever really existed in our elected officials let alone the Washington DC beltway. It was always more of a down to earth movement by common people tired of the “You can’t fight City Hall” mentality. For Dana Milbank to call for its death based on the statements and actions of Washington insiders is like claiming the death of college football based on the actions of Penn State officials. Mother Nature usually has a way of rectifying things that aren’t sustainable. Ladies and Gentlemen, we will all by Tea Partiers sooner or later.

tnesleyJan. 30, 13 8:09 PM

The Tea Party is a philosophy: individual liberty and self-reliance. Smaller, more efficient government, power to the people. Back to the founder’s intent: small federal and BIG states rights. Live within our means.

SeaSharkJan. 30, 13 8:25 PM

TEA PARTY NATION is a national joke after expanding beyond the party's original core mission of tax reform and financial responsibility, a reckless strategy that dilutes its mission and message by detouring into the usual suspect reactionary territory: fighting against environmental protection legislation; fighting for punitive immigration and voter ID laws; and vehemently opposing the confirmation of superbly qualified U.S. Supreme Court justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, for example. The Tea Party confirmed its total embrace of right wing public policy objectives in a November 23, 2012 Wall Street Journal story in which Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips and other party leaders declare that the only lesson they've learned from the 2012 Election results--in which most of the party's favored national and state candidates lost, including U.S. Senate candidates Todd Akins (Missouri) and Richard Mourdock (Indiana)--is to regroup and try to elect Tea Party/GOP candidates who have the same primitive intolerant conservative mentality as Akins and Mourdock but are more articulate and circumspect; a bizarre delusional response to the party's decisive and humiliating nationwide rejection by voters. The Tea Party is now intellectually bankrupt in addition to being obsolete and irrelevant, and party activists will probably soon add the removal of fluoride from the public water supply to their laughable legislative laundry list. The Tea Party is full of sound and fury today, signifying nothing but the failure of its thoroughly discredited political platform and the rapid decline of the party's influence. Tea Party Nation is nearing the end of a long walk on a short pier.

pitythetoolsJan. 30, 13 8:35 PM

The GOP and democrats march in lock step of their party masters. TEA Party members are free to speak their minds. Very scary for people on the left who live and die by Pelosi and Reid's rules.

arielbenderJan. 30, 13 8:42 PM

tnesleyJan. 30, 13 8:09 PM The Tea Party is a philosophy: individual liberty and self-reliance. Smaller, more efficient government, power to the people. Back to the founder’s intent: small federal and BIG states rights. Live within our means.__________Blah...it was a knee jerk reaction by the ignorant when a black president with the middle name of Hussein was inaugurated. If they cared about smaller government and deficits, they must have been dozing the prior eight years and throughout the entire Reagan administration.

mylittleidJan. 30, 13 9:12 PM

Whatever the Tea Party's philosophy, their effect in Congress has been to worsen gridlock with their rigid, ideological positions. I'll take pragmatists over these ideologues any day when it comes to running our country. Sadly, the way the congressional districts have been gerrymandered by the Republicans I think we will be stuck with these obstructionists for a long time to come.

jbpaperJan. 30, 13 9:12 PM

I love how those on the left talk about the tea party. One day they have too much power and are taking over the republican party. The next day they don't have any power. Another day they can't accomplish anything. The next day they are responsible for everything that is wrong. Way to be consistent.

dave9398Jan. 30, 13 9:24 PM

An extremist writing that the other side has no clout. This is somehow credible?

braxozJan. 30, 13 9:55 PM

The "Tea Party" is to the Republican Party as the Taliban is to Islam. Dogmatism above all.

nkuhlmanJan. 31, 13 3:32 AM

Not to say there isn’t plenty of racism ‘informing’ the thought of many GOPers; the Tea Party lingo began to be used in and around the Ron Paul 2008/Campaign for Liberty in response to their exclusion from the presidential nominating process by the Party elite. In other words, months before the election of a black president with the middle name of Hussein, and years before the hijacking of the brand by the same insider-trading club it was meant to oppose, not to mention opportunistic lunatics like Michele Bachmann.


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