Emotional gun hearing: Wounded Giffords says nation wants new curbs; NRA, some senators say no

  • Article by: ALAN FRAM , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 30, 2013 - 8:02 PM
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stevejiJan. 30, 13 8:07 AM

I have mixed feelings on the gun issue. I believe there should be some limits on Assault type weapons and there should close some loopholes that allow anyone the ability to buy almost anything at a gun show. I also believe that no matter how many laws there are, the bad guys will always be able to get guns.

paulusJan. 30, 13 8:08 AM

I hope they give equal time to people who have protected themselves and their families from criminals. Should be easy to find some since there are millions out there.

biggusdoggusJan. 30, 13 8:15 AM

Ms. Giffords getting shot was truly tragic, but so is the way she is being exploited. At best (and I mean this with total compassion) I have seen her string two words together. However, for the most part, someone speaks on her behalf and then she nods and says yes. Again, what happened to her was tragic, but she was shot in the head, which damaged her brain. Just how competent is she?

timandtiaJan. 30, 13 8:23 AM

I wonder if they are having anyone who saved a life using a gun (this would include police officers)? I hope the NRA puts these people in line. This issue shouldn't even be talk about!

jackpinesavJan. 30, 13 8:37 AM

I winter in Arizona. Tragedy in Giffords case is that she was avid outdoors person and hunter; as is husband. Almost no regulation on weapons here; people carry at gas pump. Reaction of lawmakers here after her attack was to establish a state handgun. Lots of crime, lots of gun incidents....locals love their Wild West image. State ranks 48th to last in everything except warm weather.

mnmaggiemnJan. 30, 13 9:18 AM

The assault on Mrs Giffords is truly tragic. However, taking away rights will not help. We need to get to the root of the problem, not restrict our freedoms. Why do people do this, why do they act this way? How do we prevent this in the future. Criminals will keep their guns, continue their activity and some people will not have their means to defend themselves.

mnmaggiemnJan. 30, 13 9:20 AM

Please dont just have the NRA, have people who have used a gun to save a life, perhaps the lady that prevented the mass shooting in Oregon, or the one in Texas, and so forth...We dont hear about these because the media doesnt want us to. Bring in the families that would have been effected had those LEGAL gun owners not been there and hear how happy they are that someone was close excersizing their 2nd amendment right.

rjasmulkaJan. 30, 13 9:43 AM

We should not be pushing to ban guns. I don't believe because we ban assault rifles that there will be less murders. If someone is out to cause harm to someone it will happen regardless... Instead of focusing on the gun ban why don't we start focusing on the people around us? The people that we may even care for but may be worried about doing harm to someone else.. It is hard because we want to look the other way but that is the only way we can control these disasters from happening. No government intervention will stop these disasters from happening

demlibtardJan. 30, 1310:00 AM

The Obama Administration has fought the State of Arizona on enforcing immigration laws so I think it would be just fine if the State of Arizona refused to help enforce any federally imposed gun laws.

EleanoreJan. 30, 1310:01 AM

It's a shame she wasn't more positive, more progressively focused on mental health and ID checks rather than the partisan agenda claimed in this article.


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