Obama presses immigration overhaul, path to citizenship

  • Article by: JULIE PACE , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 29, 2013 - 10:23 PM

LAS VEGAS -- Declaring "now is the time" to fix the nation's broken immigration system, President Barack Obama on Tuesday outlined broad proposals for putting millions of illegal immigrants on a clear path to citizenship while cracking down on businesses that employ people illegally and tightening security at the borders. He hailed a bipartisan Senate group on a similar track but left unresolved key details that could derail the complex and emotional effort.

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EleanoreJan. 29, 13 7:18 AM

You choked on Amnesty I under Regean, the Clinton provided you with Amnesty II, the amnesty to end all amnesties because that would solve everyone's problems in the world. Now you can lather yourseves up with Anmensty III, the common sense solution to problems brought to you by people doing their best you turn the US into the thitrd world as quickly as possible.

Thumper5316Jan. 29, 13 7:27 AM

The first sentence says it all. Swift action. Whatever happened to thoughtful, informed action? Is this another "let's pass it so we can see what's in it" push?

fatgaryJan. 29, 13 7:38 AM

"campaign-style event in Las Vegas"....this man just never stops does he....both campaigning and wasting our $$$.......

citypersonJan. 29, 13 7:50 AM

Another one of Bush's mess that Obama was left to clean up.

crock2Jan. 29, 13 8:28 AM

Don't worry, everyone -- there won't be many more of these. Once the rest of the world has all moved here, then the politicians will have no reason to grant any more amnesties. At the present rate, it should only take a few more years....

jrwetbakJan. 29, 13 9:00 AM

I demand an environmental impact statement to accompany any bill on immigration that affects the US Population before a US House or US Senate vote can occur. It would also be prudent to perform a financial impact statement and an impact statement to the unemployment situation.

oldblue48Jan. 29, 13 9:08 AM

Besides giving this country away,this "little" campaign trip will cost us 1.6 mil according to the news this morning (and no, not on FOX where the truth be heard). Would not a video conference save the tax payers money? This administration has no idea on finances other than spending our money needlessly. This proposed legislation will make us a "greater" welfare state!

sharkysharkJan. 29, 13 9:21 AM

Not sure that I understand how adding more bodies to the workforce can do anything but make unemployment worse.

avejoeconJan. 29, 13 9:35 AM

The only reason this is going to pass is that BOTH sides are willing to pay hundreds of billions in added costs just to obtain more votes. Well, the parties aren't paying, the 50% of people actually paying taxes are paying!

ginny6Jan. 29, 1311:24 AM

Thank you, President Obama.


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