Edina schools to start before Labor Day in 2014

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  • Updated: January 28, 2013 - 9:26 PM

Parents' pleas to retain start after Labor Day rejected.

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yathinksoJan. 28, 13 9:24 PM

Why not just hand our kids over to the schools and government so they can raise them. Isn't this what the schools and government want?

thepointJan. 28, 13 9:33 PM

Good move, Edina.

clivebixbyJan. 28, 13 9:45 PM

I watched the news report on this tonight and it looks like the the only thing the school is using as its rationale is that they think those extra few days will raise test scores. It seems like the state test scores drive all the decisions schools make now. As we watched, I told my wife that if our district has meetings to discuss this, I'll have my kids purposely bomb the test in protest since the test doesn't have any impact on them for grades or college.

sternitzkyJan. 28, 13 9:45 PM

Last time I checked, Edina did not have a problem with low test scores.

goldencroJan. 28, 1310:07 PM

This is news? Our kids have started metro school before Labor Day for the last four years. This ain't your daddy's education. Bring your own pencils and Kleenex.

musicmommyJan. 28, 1310:14 PM

The only data I've seen on school timing and test scores is that allowing later starts for secondary (9 a.m. or later) is well coordinated with higher test scores. And that study was done in Edina! And Edina ignored it.

musicmommyJan. 28, 1310:16 PM

I grew up in a state where the school year started the 3rd week of August. I always thought Minnesota was much more civilized. Most schools don't have air conditioning. Starting in August isn't a good idea, even in the north! I used to teach summer school, and it was rough on the kids.

billybillyJan. 28, 1310:29 PM

This will help all those farm families in Edina that need the children to help get the crop in........

Merlin1954Jan. 28, 1310:29 PM

If the professional educators judge that an earlier start improves the kids' education, then that's their call. Parents in Edina micro-manage their kids' schools, to the kids' detriment. Parents who think they know education better than teachers are often yowling about schools instead of parenting the other 16 hours of the day.

coco323Jan. 28, 1310:31 PM

My children go to a private school that begins the week before labor day. This is the only thing I really dislike about our school. Our older children, high school and middle school age, now have homework on a holiday weekend. This interferes every year with family plans and we don't have a cabin! Starting after labor day is much better for the children and their families. Schools should reduce the number of random days off during the year and give us a "whole" summer.


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