Fractures in DFL ranks showing on Dayton tax overhaul

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 29, 2013 - 6:42 AM

Some DFLers skeptical of governor's proposals on property tax rebate, tobacco taxes.

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jbpaperJan. 28, 13 9:08 PM

""It could be that general taxpayers are subsidizing the alcohol industry, and that would not be right," said Rep. Jean Wagenius, DFL-Minneapolis." ---- Only a democrat would call not raising taxes on something a subsidy for that industry.

conniemercerJan. 28, 13 9:11 PM

Corporate welfare is a myth. Taxing a business, but at a rate less than democrats desire, is now called subsidizing the business or corporate welfare. Low information voters buy this hook, line and sinker.

conniemercerJan. 28, 13 9:14 PM

A tax rebate is nothing more than a temporary feel good measure. No doubt they will tax us on this rebate claiming it is income. But, if they want to give a rebate it should be as a percent of what was paid in and not a flat amount. Why is it fair that a property owner who paid $5000 in tax is getting back the same as a person who paid in $1000? And all this time liberals and democrats demanded fairness. There is nothing fair about the game Dayton and the DFL is playing.

bblheadJan. 28, 13 9:18 PM

Frankly, this seems like a shotgun approach. There need to be more precise targets and if the intent is to be fair, be fair. Property tax rebates are not such a good idea, but reducing those tax rates by a percentage is fair. Why not give a bump on alcohol taxes so long as you don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Then, there are spending cuts and repayment of the school deferments. Putting bills off for a while does not address the problem. Solve it now and solve it permanently.

trice01Jan. 28, 13 9:31 PM

You are surprised, jbpaper? These are the same folks who call a reduced increase in spending a cut!

mickex05Jan. 28, 13 9:35 PM

Yup stick it to the smoker, the govenment supplied the smokes when I was in the military, now they're against smoking.

melloncollieJan. 28, 13 9:50 PM

2 billion in new taxes. This money comes out of our pockets to fuel new government spending. It will require more taxes to sustain the growth. This money comes out of the private sector and will hasten economic recovery and not spur it.

vampress_meJan. 28, 13 9:54 PM

"For rural homeowners, $500 could be a significant percentage of their tax bill and they could pay next to nothing. For those in the Twin Cities with property bills topping several thousand dollars the rebate would represent just a small fraction of their overall bill". Really Ms. Hausman? That's not the truth in our rural area. Our taxes are close to $3000 this year and went up almost 10%. By my math, that $500 is not a significant percentage of my tax bill any more than someone in the Cities.

ffedericoJan. 28, 1310:11 PM

As I watch the circular firing squads forming I'm experiencing a sense of schadenfreude.

garagewineJan. 28, 1310:50 PM

The "fractures" are between Dayton and the members of the legislature who think he isn't raising enough different types of taxes.


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