Want to fight terrorism? Educate women

  • Article by: Malcolm Potts , Los Angeles Times
  • Updated: January 28, 2013 - 7:26 PM

The war or terror will continue to fail unless we convert a few days' military expenditure into investing in girls' education and family planning

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twinsajsfJan. 29, 13 7:32 AM

We approach influence in the rest of the world the same way we approach much of our domestic agenda. That is, we would rather pay much, much more LATER in the form of CORRECTION (military action) than to pay much, much less NOW on PREVENTION (foreign aid). People here absolutely HATE the idea of foreign aid ("they should take care of their own"), just like we hate the idea of early childhood education ("that's the parents' responsibility"), so we end up crippling our economy later with stratospheric war and welfare/incarceration costs. Another example is health care. Rather than investing in some kind of universal health care that allows for regular well-check (PREVENTION) visits, we would rather have just half of our population covered, leading to astronomical CORRECTION costs in emergency room and hospital, not to mention being ranking 37th in infant mortality rate despite #1 in spending. So, this all fits together as The American Way.

hjlazniJan. 29, 1311:27 AM

"Girls as young as 10 are married to 40-year-old polygamous men" These guys like it the way it is and the Military-Industrial Complex likes to make money so don't expect changes.

simplicity1Jan. 29, 13 4:17 PM

LOL, won't happen until Islam is rewritten the way that Christianity was... I estimate about 700 years or so more time is needed. Until them women will continue to be a commodity.

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