Mpls. police chief, Hennepin sheriff meet with Obama about guns

  • Article by: PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 29, 2013 - 7:37 AM
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smdentJan. 28, 1311:36 AM

I am so happy that Minneapolis/Hennepin county are at the table talking about various security measures that face this country. Part of the reason, I think, aside from the tragic shooting, is that our state help to re-elect the president. R.T. Rybak was a co-chair of the president's re-election committee, both of our senators are democrats, and many democrat house representatives. This gives us sway in policy-making and a place at the table. As a community, we should be happy our voices are heard.

EleanoreJan. 28, 1311:56 AM

" As a community, we should be happy our voices are heard." - Based on everything you said, and the open and lawless politicing going on regarding this issue in the media, the one thing I am certain of is that neither the majority of Minnesotans, nor americans, voices are welcome to be heard at these insular and disengenuious meetings. No comittee can or will negate our civil rights, so why not include people who want to follow a lawful and responsible path instead of what we've seen so far here.

sharkysharkJan. 28, 1312:03 PM

Stanek has already made the point that it's mental health issues that are the problem. There is no "gun problem" that can't be solved by enforcing existing laws. The Bill of Rights is not negotiable.

fatgaryJan. 28, 1312:04 PM

Another dog and pony show. They should be holding this meeting in the streets of Chicago. Besides, we all know the police main job is to cordon off a crime scene then go look for the criminals.

KepmeisterJan. 28, 1312:11 PM

Hey, Sheriff, that guy sitting next to you has admitted to doing cocaine and dedicated his school year book to his pot dealer. Maybe you should search him for illegal drugs.

munsterlandrJan. 28, 1312:21 PM

If Obama is talking he is lying. Why these secret meetings instead of hearings in an open Congress and then up or down votes? Obama thinks he is King and everybody should just do as he says. We have NEVER had such a power hungry or corrupt President in our history.

yayaubectchaJan. 28, 1312:22 PM

Pray tell when is Obama going to go to his home town of Chicago where SEVEN people were murdered yesterday.....maybe you could do some preaching to your buddy Rob E....

munsterlandrJan. 28, 1312:23 PM

What's the statute of limitations on drug use? The officer's there could arrest Obama for dealing cocaine not that many years ago.

waynegrowJan. 28, 1312:55 PM

You can put as many gun laws on the books that you want but they will have minimal affect. The criminals do not abide by the laws that is why they are criminals. They can get any gun and a high capacity magazine if they are banned. People need to wake up and protect themselves. Dont cry about the cops being bad and then turn around and demand that they protect you. The criminal element will not change until the culture of accountability in their neighborhoods change. I have seen black people ripped apart for not being "black" enough when they get an education are speak proper English. The criminals want everyone to stay "dumb" so they can blend in and continue their ways.

anchorbabeJan. 28, 1312:55 PM

41 Murders in Chicago so far in January 2013 and the month isn't over yet. How about dragging the press down there to talk about how successful Rahm Emanuel is at addressing this issue?


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