Edina parents resist pre-Labor Day school start

  • Article by: KELLY SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 27, 2013 - 9:33 PM

Some families are signing petitions or reaching out to legislators as the city's school board prepares to vote on an August start date.

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erikj3Jan. 27, 13 9:55 PM

"To make a dramatic change seven months before school starts ... it's never been done before."...How much time would be enough? A year? Two? Ten?

acidradioJan. 27, 1310:09 PM

I grew up in Edina and attended school in Edina. My parents, like many other parents in Edina, moved there and paid boatloads of cash to live in a community with among other things the best schools they could find. Yet the latest arguments from Edina parents seem to be about trivial matters - either the name of the cheerleading squad or the exact day that school starts. How does this benefit your kids? Seriously! Right now America is hovering around #20 or so in worldwide rankings of 15 yr old students in math and reading. Students from many other nations are running circles around us while we lounge around eating fast food and watching X-Factor; we are getting slaughtered by students in some THIRD WORLD nations! And we want our kids to have LESS schooling? What is wrong with everyone? Kids in other nations go to more days of school, have longer school days, take languages and are more advanced than their American counterparts. If we don't do something about this we are doomed.

hobie2Jan. 27, 1310:18 PM

Of course they could just move the testing date back a week... In the bigger picture, which is more important? Teaching to a test, or having children learn? After all, those children belong to the school board and to the state, not to the parents... oh, sorry... I keep forgetting - the old evil arch villain nemesis, the Soviet Union, fell and are no longer here, so their policies about spying on your neighbors, national registration and identity cards, and children belonging to the state are no longer the horror they once were to Americans... OK - The state says what is best for the children, and the state loses money if the scores are not high enough, and MN has been so far behind?? in test scores maybe we shouldn't risk it - so let the state decide... does that sound like a plan? Or an excuse?

dvsdan123Jan. 27, 1310:23 PM

Just don't mess with Edina's spring break when all of these poor kids go to Mexico.

tria56Jan. 27, 1311:02 PM

"I feel like the school board hasn't listened when it feels like a large portion of parents in Edina oppose it." --- A large portion of us don't oppose it. Your petition has 250 signatures. There are 8,300 students in the district. We usually take our boys on a trip in August and we still will in 2013, we'll just go a week earlier. No big deal.

furguson11Jan. 27, 1311:47 PM

I'm a farm kid and we started in August. We just had to take a couple of days off to show cattle at the state fair. At the legislature this is really about the resort owners not wanting to cut into the labor day business, but they could pick up business on the three day weekends and spring break if they offered the right package.

randyjkJan. 28, 13 5:24 AM

Your kids grow up and out of school and you look back and wonder why you cared about this issue.

camb24Jan. 28, 13 6:26 AM

Kids should be going to school year round! A few well placed breaks through out the year would be fine! They lose too much of what they learn over the long summer. Not to mention the trouble some get into with too much time on their hands!

tcatheartJan. 28, 13 6:37 AM

I said this before...If you have a vacation planned or feel it is important for your family to go somewhere for labor day weekend, GO!!! The school district will not care and it will be an excused absence. The school board has to have the ENTIRE district in mind and can't just pander to the most vocal 100 parents.

akornJan. 28, 13 7:34 AM

In Northfield dozens of 4H and other agricultural kids showed up at the school board meeting to protest an August start. They explained how it would cut into their summer projects and the showing of their animals at the State Fair. There are fewer and fewer of us with some true connection to the land. The post Labor Day start is a reminder that not too long ago the majority of us worked the land and were dependent on the seasons. The calendar change seems like a thoughtless idea from the bureaucratic elite that runs our schools, with no consideration of the vestige of our population that is still involved with farming.


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