Vikings dig in vs. plans for baseball in new stadium

  • Article by: RICHARD MERYHEW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 27, 2013 - 7:40 AM

Team sparring with Gophers' John Anderson and other state baseball coaches over what amounts to 20 feet of foul line.

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averagejoe55Jan. 26, 1310:13 PM

The solution is quite obvious. It the Wilfs pay 100 percent of the cost of a new stadium, they can build it any way they please. Heck, using their own money would allow them to have mauve turf, chartreuse goal posts, and fans 3 feet from the playing field. But since the Wilfs are paying less than a third of the total costs, seems like they lost the right to dictate terms.

philwen75Jan. 26, 1310:31 PM

Sorry to have to say this to all the MN amateur baseball fans. THIS STADIUM WAS NEVER ABOUT YOU. Throughout the legislation and final passage of the stadium bill, it was about keeping the Vikings in MN. It's pretty obvious that baseball is trying to leach off the Vikings, and not the other way around. Think about it, would the bill have passed if it was about building a stadium for college and high school baseball?

moondog7273Jan. 26, 1310:33 PM

There is such a logical solution to this I can't believe it wasn't mentioned in this article. The St. Paul Saints are getting a new facility and last time I checked are a BASEBALL team. To expect a new NFL stadium to be built for the needs of a college baseball team is illogical. This solution is a win, win, win because; 1) The Vikings are happy that they don't have to alter the dimensions of the new stadium. 2) The Saints are happy, I am sure that they could use the additional revenue and exposure. 3) The U of M should be happy because they would ne playing in a new BASEBALL facility right here in the Twin Cities. I swear sometimes I think people are just addicted to drama. I guess it's more fun to overreact than look for a sensible solution.

trice01Jan. 26, 1310:35 PM

Wow. The "U" wanted nothing to do with sharing a stadium with the Vikings, so donors AND TAXPAYERS spent many millions on a campus football stadium- and will financially support it indefinitely. Now the "U" is going to dictate the design of the new Vikings venue? It's just too precious to believe! The elitists' tail wags the dog once again. On the bright side, maybe the taxpayers will actually be allowed to watch a game in this stadium, as opposed to the cozy insider arrangements for Gopher events that freeze out the people who paid for the stadiums.

ihave2beniceJan. 26, 1311:30 PM

Is a roof part of the design? If they want indoor baseball let them put a roof on TCF stadium and let them play there.

gtxmanJan. 26, 1311:37 PM

Come on, 40 feet? That only affects about 1,000 tickets. Why can't those seats be brought in to fit the "gap"? There are over 300 games played at the high school and college level at the Dome every Spring. If the Vikings don't want to give in to 20 feet to allow the field to be used by all, then the Vikings shouldn't need a roof, nor should the taxpayers be paying for it. Thats why many of the taxpayers supported it to allow the amatuer sports to use the facility.

baseballcoachJan. 26, 1311:47 PM

I think it's too bad that the Vikings are taking this uncompromising position on the size of a baseball field within the new stadium. They called it a 'people's stadium for the people', when garnering support for public money to be used to build the facility. If I am not mistaken they said that events that had been hosted in the Dome for the past 30 years would still be able to be hosted in the new stadium. They now say they are fulfilling that promise when they say they are providing a baseball field in there, albeit one that is under minimum standards that would make for a legitimate baseball game for collegiate teams. It would be like telling the Vikings that they are being provided a football field, even though it is only 80 yards long. I would like to see the state legislature take a look at what is going on here and decide if they think they are being betrayed by the Vikings in this situation.

unicorn4711Jan. 26, 1311:54 PM

Do you know what WOULD have made sense? Having the U football team and the Vikings play in the same FOOTBALL stadium. But the U wouldn't accept that. They needed a new stadium that was on campus. The Vikings, gopher football, and MLS should be in the same stadium, as the dimensions are the same. Baseball and football mixed use stadiums don't work, as we saw with the vikings and twins at the metrodome.

jameson3104Jan. 26, 1311:55 PM

Moondog7273: The gopher baseball team's season starts in three weeks, the middle of February. The gophers have an outdoor stadium but don't/cant play there until the spring. They need a facility with a roof.

cuso26Jan. 27, 1312:33 AM

The U of M, whining about not getting their say in a "people's stadium", while they fleece the people with increasingly exorbitant tuition costs while continuing to be subsidized with public money as a public University, is pretty laughable.


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