Amy Koch: Affair gave GOP foes an opportunity

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 26, 2013 - 10:09 PM

Ex-Senate leader accuses some of her most trusted allies of back-stabbing, lies.

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jhaluskaJan. 26, 1310:44 PM

Somehow the idea of Hann acting because of ethical concerns rings hollow.

mnbusdrJan. 26, 1310:47 PM

I think the old saying goes, "When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas." Not a bad metaphor for how the Minnesota GOP has been acting for the past few years.

alansonJan. 26, 1310:51 PM

As a frustrated Republican I can say the Amy Koch, Tony Sutton and Tom Emmer well represent the incompetence of the Republican Party in this state. The fact that none of the three is able to admit their errors is simply further evidence of their ineptitude.

steavis61067Jan. 26, 1310:52 PM

Regardless of party, politicians will stomp on people to climb the ladder. Always been that way, and will continue that way. Why? Because it works. Unless you're perfect (no one is), people will use anything against you. Just look at Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

wingophersJan. 26, 1311:10 PM

To think that the Scott County Commissioners last week used really poor judgement in hiring former State Senator Claire Robling to lobby for them. She was part the group of GOP Senators that never understood that the public (and maybe laws)trust were broken by Amy Koch and Michael Brodkorb. Robling and the Scott County Board have no credibility. This whole thing is very sad.

gwbuddyJan. 26, 1311:13 PM

What happened with Amy Koch was the "Beginning of the End" of my support for the GOP in Minnesota. I had long held the view that the GOP was "Strongly Rooted" in Biblical values and Family. Koch's extra-marital affair came as a total "Shock" to me. Yes, I realize that GOPers are "Only Human Like You and Me". That is a phrase I learned in Church. However, is it too much to expect your Governmental Leaders to "Set The Example"? The GOP seems to have "Talked That Way", but "Lived Another Way". Hypocrisy! It all came to a bitter end with the Koch affair. I do feel bad for her, but she upset A LOT of people too. I don't know if I'll ever be a GOP follower again in Minnesota.

kydotyJan. 26, 1311:14 PM

Amy Koch says "I am not here to make excuses" and then proceeds to blame everybody but herself for what happened. She learned absolutely nothing from the ordeal.

vegas2112Jan. 26, 1311:41 PM

RE: "Koch would not say whether she and Brodkorb are still together. "That's a private matter," ================================ This is why the party of "family values" has zero credibility.

nathanhaleJan. 26, 1311:51 PM

The coup has the finger prints of Senate staffer Brad Biers all over it. His boss Hann wanted Koch's job and Biers wanted Brodkorb's postion as top political operative.

bono4233Jan. 27, 1312:16 AM

When I make choices I have to deal with the consequences. Why is it that these people can't look in the mirror and take personal responsibility for their actions. Is power that intoxicating?


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