State ready to get tougher on trash

  • Article by: LAURIE BLAKE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 27, 2013 - 4:28 PM

Pollution Control Agency plans to enforce a law that will reduce the amount of garbage going to landfills.

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duckofdeathJan. 26, 1311:32 PM

Talk about an industry that should be socialized. Its too bad that every time it comes to a vote in my community that people don't vote for either single carrier or gov't waste collection/disposal. There are 6 private companies I know of picking up trash in my neighborhood, which means at least 12 trucks rolling down the street every Tue. morning, or 18 in the summertime when yard waste bins are also collected. Its ridiculous. People around here vote to keep their "options" open, as if they are really shopping around for better service, but these people have just never lived anywhere where garbage is taken care of municipally. Its one area where gov't is a heck of alot more efficient and inexpensive.

rogue37Jan. 27, 1312:08 AM

Why bury? Anything organic like paper and yard waste should be composted. If cant be recycled.

aonealphaJan. 27, 13 4:27 AM

Wow - not a single word about the problem being that the waste to energy facilities are too costly and inefficient! Does anyone think the trash haulers would not use these facilities if they cost less than landfills? Problem is that waste to energy facilities are quasi government entities with bloated administration, and too high compensation costs including rich benefit packages.

auggie60Jan. 27, 13 6:57 AM

aonealpha Any verifiable facts about the "bloated administration and too high compensation", or are you just guessing? It could be he higher standard of reprocessing the waste that increases costs...kind of like the article states.

smarterthanuJan. 27, 13 8:22 AM

Keep your goverment hand off of my trash!

essdee09Jan. 27, 13 8:31 AM

Yup, you just can't beat just backing up the truck and tipping it down for low labor costs. Too bad about the unrecovered recyclables, the poisons that are not fished out of it, and all the methane that's created for decades.

Sometimes what's cheap now is a lot more costly in the long run.

marcymmbJan. 27, 13 9:02 AM

duckofdeath****Ya just have one single carrier in every neighborhood and then that carrier can raise its rates whenever it wants and you can do nothing about it thats why there are multiple carriers its call being competitive.

dtmonkeyboyJan. 27, 13 9:18 AM

When suburbs allow multiple carriers on the same street the common logic is that the competition lowers the cost. In reality it raises the cost because each truck has to drive farther before they are full. If the suburb contracted with vendors the economies of scale would lower the cost.

duckofdeathJan. 27, 13 9:41 AM

marcymmb, the communities that have single carriers require the carriers to sign contracts for the exclusive rights to collect waste. These contracts result in lower costs per consumer and are more profitable for the carriers.

obamafone4meJan. 27, 1310:35 AM

Our landfills are filling up. Simple solution: Open more areas to fill. This is a huge country with a whole lot of empty space that can accommodate our waste.


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