Senate Democrats may stand in Obama's way as debate begins on tighter gun control measures

  • Article by: ERICA WERNER , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 26, 2013 - 10:58 AM
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sharkysharkJan. 26, 13 7:54 AM

There is no "gun problem" that enforcing existing laws won't fix. The Bill of Rights is non-negotiable.

sunnyreaderJan. 26, 13 8:13 AM

"Pryor has told Arkansas media that efforts on gun safety should start with enforcing existing laws." It sure would be a lot easier to enforce existing laws if there were universal background checks.

russ999Jan. 26, 13 8:21 AM

you sure would be easier to enforce existing laws if the NRA wouldn't demonize everyone that tries.

theagonybhoJan. 26, 13 8:29 AM

100% universal background checks, pass it and move on to more important things like the economy and debt ceiling.

mwellcomeJan. 26, 13 8:35 AM

A gun ban only hurts the law abiding gun owner. Enforce the existing laws, implement universal background checks, and close the gun show loop hole.

DLBabatzJan. 26, 13 8:43 AM

Enforce existing laws. Close the "gun show loophole". Perform universal and comprehensive background checks. Then move on.

serfdumbJan. 26, 13 8:57 AM

Interest groups, lobbyists, lawmakers, crime victims and others with a stake in the outcome will be watching these senators closely for signals about what measures they might support. - Special interest groups that are pushing to deny law abiding citizens their 2nd ammendmant rights. Enforce the laws that are on the books and deal with the criminals! Criminals commit crimes, citizens protect themselves from criminals when police are only minutes away. Choose your own poison. I choose my right to protect myself. Lay down if you like.

quinnerooJan. 26, 13 9:16 AM

"The Bill of Rights is non-negotiable."...................Actually it is meant to be changed. That's why they are called Amendments. Amend--To make fairer, more accurate, up to date, alter, change, modify. The opposite of amend is blemish, corrupt, debase, depress, deteriorate, harm, impair, injure, mar, spoil, tarnish. The Framers knew what they were doing by making the Constitution and Bill of Rights a living, breathing CHANGEABLE document.

g5thistimeJan. 26, 13 9:26 AM

WASHINGTON - As the Senate prepares to begin debating new gun control measures, some of President Barack Obama's fellow Democrats are poised to frustrate his efforts to enact the most sweeping limits on weapons in decades. - When this measure is defeated the left and the media will blame the Republicans and the forty seven percent will jump on board and buy into the left wing spin.

blatherskiteJan. 26, 13 9:26 AM

"Special interest groups that are pushing to deny law abiding citizens their 2nd ammendmant rights. Enforce the laws that are on the books and deal with the criminals!" ----- First of all nobody is trying to deny anyone their 2nd Amendment rights. None of the proposals infringe on your right to own a fire arm. To claim that is naive and "knee jerk". The laws on the books need to be updated and the tools need to be developed to enforce them. Such as building and maintaining a database, and requiring background checks on all fire arm purchases include certain types of ammunition. The prohibition of high fire power fire arms will also limit the availability of those weapons to possible mass shoots. All of the Presidents proposals got greater than 50% support in Gallup's most recent poll. If you believe nothing should be done, you are in the minority.


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