A license to strip? Moorhead proposal is laid bare

  • Article by: CURT BROWN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 25, 2013 - 11:24 PM

Moorhead is expected to pass ordinance requiring adult entertainers to be licensed.

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samiamJan. 25, 13 9:15 PM

Legalize it and tax it. it's going to go on anyways.

arielbenderJan. 25, 1311:35 PM

What part of the Free Market economy don't these hayseeds understand?

shanzmanJan. 25, 1311:41 PM

Exactly, why spend money to fight it?? Tax it and make money....this is the ultimate sin tax. It is like people trying to stop people from using the bathroom.

nessmessJan. 26, 13 6:03 AM

by requiring a license, it is essentially a tax.. The politicians want it both ways, they want a tax, but don't want to be associated with legalizing prostitution, this is the ultimate hypocrisy.

mrblueskyJan. 26, 13 6:13 AM

Once again, there arent bigger fish to fry? We dont have more pressing problems than the oldest profession on the books? If there are any question why we are trillions in debt, keep reading stories about the "major issues" our government decides to spend our money on. We need to tear down and rebuild our government from the ground up. First rule, No one over the age of 60 can be involved. Second, if it is legal in one state, it is legal in all states. Next, when you retire from the government, you get SS just like the rest of us! The first jobs and wages cut, are in our government, not in the public sector. All new laws come to a public vote, the people decide by voting what is legal and not legal. Our government is there to represent US, not their best interests! Everyone serves in the armed forces upon leaving high school, even if it is only for 6 months. If you are old enough to stand up for our country and be killed doing so, you are old enough to drink in our country.

owatonnabillJan. 26, 13 6:35 AM

Gotta give the Strib credit for bringing us the naked truth...

owatonnabillJan. 26, 13 6:36 AM

The law is the law. These "entertainers" will just have to grin and bare it.

nessmessJan. 26, 13 6:55 AM

blue sky: I agree with most of what you say, but our nation was founded on Republic rule (we elect rep's to do our bidding) -vs- having the public voting on all proposed laws (mob rule)..... The public is often to uninformed to care about anything, other than the next game on tv.... Term limits would be a good thing.....

jackpinesavJan. 26, 13 7:28 AM

Why do we rank 13th in trafficking children? Wow! Talk to anyone who works in or near those oilfields. Sex, drugs, assaults, bottom feeders wandering around....what a mess....No Dakota is low tax state with oil revenue but paying a huge price. Waiting for the tragedy to happen before it gets cleaned up.

basia2186Jan. 26, 13 7:48 AM

The whole naked strangers used for sexual entertainment thing should be illegal. The entire culture of strippers, gawkers, bouncers and putting dirty money in a g-string has grossed me out forever. The majority of the women involved in the industry have one or more of the following: history o sexual abuse, drug and/or alcohol addiction. The question all of proponents should ask themselves is: would this be an o.k. career choice for my daughter?


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