Dayton girds for a backlash on his tax plan

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 25, 2013 - 6:44 AM

When he ran for governor, he opposed expanding the sales tax. The governor has started a battle that will define his political career

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Mark27Jan. 24, 13 9:57 PM

Dayton deserves a cool reception here, supporting things he publicly came out against during his campaign in 2010. But ultimately this is a trial balloon to see what proposals trigger the most backlash and which ones they think they have the capital to press forward on. Ultimately, I continue to say the only people who have anything to worry about are smokers as the only tax I predict will have the support to make it through the legislature after all the lobbyists finishing their wining and dining is the same tax that always gets raised to pay for everything thing...the cigarette tax.

jimjimjimjimJan. 24, 13 9:59 PM

Specifically, why does the state need more of your money and why are you willing to give it to them? Why does your family need to sacrifice for government? What are you getting out of it by giving them more money? Do you have more than you need? Have you received big raises in the past few years? Do you know how much more the state is spending every year? Do you realize they always spend more - not less? Do you know that the rate of inflation is less than 3% and they are demanding 4% or more? Do you know that our infrastructure is NOT crumbling and that you are being lied to? This is maddening.

ffedericoJan. 24, 1310:01 PM

It appears that the Gov's budget has split the Democratic party. That might make passing it tough sledding.

wbgleasonJan. 24, 1310:03 PM

Thanks for your leadership Governor. Well folks, do we actually want to reform our tax system or continue the bubble gum and 'baccy bonds approach of the past?

dflleftJan. 24, 1310:07 PM

ZERO CHANCE that the plan as printed to raise sales taxes will go through, it is not thought out well and Dayton even said himself when running for Gov that he did NOT favor raising sales taxes. Pay tax on Vet bills for horsecare? give me a break.

jimjimjimjimJan. 24, 1310:29 PM

"Thanks for your leadership Governor. Well folks, do we actually want to reform our tax system" have you read his proposal? It is all smoke and mirrors and shifting taxes. A property tax rebate? Shades of Ventura. Real reform would not include all the games he has proposed and would be simplified and permanent - not full of gimmicks. Lowering the sales tax today will only cause the DFL to tell us in two years that it is lower than most other states and they will raise it again. In 4 years we will be right back to our current rate and you know it. You cannot trust these people and you know that as well.

Lifeguard06Jan. 24, 1310:30 PM

What's he going to do place revenue agents at the airports and border crossings so outsiders can get their tax money back? Also your appraisal now will be 527.50 instead of 475.

thehoffersJan. 24, 1310:37 PM

Dayton and the rest of the DFL are tax drunk.

ginny6Jan. 24, 1310:46 PM

Charlie Weaver: "It's a business killer" -- When has Charlie Weaver said any tax ever was anything but a "business killer"? Taxes fund our schools which provide the educated populace who become workers and owners and innovators and consumers, Charlie. Taxes fund the roads that get people to work, products to shelves. Taxes fund the courts--which are primarily used by businesses, taxes fund law enforcement which keeps people from stealing your goods, firefighters to protect your property from burning down. Citizens want these services and there is a cost.

bootsy07Jan. 24, 1310:49 PM

It's in their DNA to think that because some government is good, more is better. Dayton wants an 8% increase in spending and a tax increase to pay for it! Sure, the lines are a little long at the license bureau, so he wants to add head count. But you know what, I'll put up with that small annoyance once a year. Instead, please just find some programs to cut and balance the budget.


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