Department of Natural Resources cuts permit for Ely bear researcher

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  • Updated: January 29, 2013 - 1:40 AM
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armybratJan. 23, 13 8:01 AM

Exactly what useful information has this guy produced that benefits the taxpayer? It may be fascinating and interesting, but of what importance is it to society? Where do you apply for a job to sit around and observe bears all day?

stevenelJan. 23, 13 8:28 AM

Between the wolf hunt fiasco, the let's decide how many bald eagles it's okay to kill with windmills story and now going after a relatively harmless bear researcher, I'm starting to wonder if there's something happening in the DNR that isn't good. Time for Commissioner Landwehr to step up and prove there's a plan other than killing off our wildlife one species at a time.

lynneploetzJan. 23, 13 9:12 AM

The DNR is jealous of Dr. Rogers, his life, his research and his amazing following all over the world. Ever since Dr. Rogers left the DNR, the DNR has tried to copy Dr. Roger's work and has no success, no publications, and no results. Dr. Rogers has done more to help the public understand the life of the black bear in Minnesota, and no matter what the DNR does to him, it will never diminish his accomplishments. Dr. Rogers, thank you for remaining true to your important work. The DNRs miserable excuse for wildlife management, hence the recent wolf "hunt" will continue while Dr. Rogers quietly goes about his work. Trying to silence this guy is like trying to silence the wind in the woods. DNR your jealousy is showing.

philpyramJan. 23, 13 9:29 AM

Dr. Rogers will go down as the foremost black bear researcher in history. The amount we know and understand about this animal thanks to him and his colleagues is staggering. What in god's name is the DNR trying to undermine him for?

EWernerJan. 23, 13 9:30 AM

If Dr. Rogers is producing such great work then wouldn't it make sense to publish these findings in some meaningful manner? Is he studying or playing? Do research but inform the world at the same time. Maybe Rogers could study in greater depth how bears hibernate and let NASA know as they would like to send astronauts into deep space some day.

pkbugsyJan. 23, 13 9:41 AM

Since the taxpayers aren't funding Dr. Rogers, what does it matter what "benefits the taxpayers are getting"?

privateeyeJan. 23, 1310:01 AM

Too bad the DNR only looks at issues based on the number of animals that can be harvested instead of from an educational point of view.

KarogJan. 23, 1310:02 AM

Way to go MN DNR! Dr. Roger's will now be able to publish more research articles by your having limited the very thing he is researching. He is publishing research daily with his Daily Updates on his website. Evidently, these are not in your prescribed form. Read what he reports, you might learn somthing useful.

randoid1234Jan. 23, 1310:25 AM

The point of the DNR is to manage wildlife for everyone in the state, not just Lynn Rogers. He hasn't published any research in years. What's the point of issuing these permits if there are no results? There may be plenty of data collected but you have to put it into a useful format. Everyone likes doing the studies, but actually assembling them into something useful is the tough part. These bears are also becoming used to humans, which is dangerous. Anyone remember the Grizzly Man? The bears will act docile until they wander into town with their cubs and it will be a different story.

alert123Jan. 23, 1310:39 AM

The fact that the MN DNR won't let the general public comment about Rogers speaks volumes about their ethics, integrity, and goals. You can't call them, email them, etc without them pulling his research permit. The DNR should be ashamed of themselves. Additionally, the fact that the DNR has let a rogue Facebook page with hateful and jealous members dictate their policy towards Rogers is PATHETIC.


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