Assemblies of God tends to a rapidly growing flock

  • Article by: ROSE FRENCH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 20, 2013 - 6:48 AM

The Assemblies of God is the fastest-growing religious body in Minnesota at a time when other Protestant groups are shrinking.

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ivaro3Jan. 20, 13 1:18 AM

None of this is surprising. What I do find surprising is how black and white churches are with emotion. They are either really into it too far or they are so into the thinking part they are often stiff and very dull, as if God is just a thought process. After listening to the conservative radio stations on and off for years, I find it mostly disheartening that they all seem to pander to one's "personal relationship with the Lord" as if it's all about me me me. The church talks about being above the rest of the world, but I find it often mirrors it more often than they will ever admit.

mnballguyJan. 20, 13 7:38 AM

Is it about starting more churches, as one of the headlines says, or just starting more campuses as River Valley Church is doing? I wonder, what is more healthy?

GirllakeJan. 20, 13 8:11 AM

The worship style de jour.

railroadJan. 20, 13 8:25 AM

The church of the LIVING WORD, in Brooklyn Park just spent anywhere somewhere around $300,000 on a SIGN by the freeway to promote their church. How many homeless or hungry people could have been helped with that kind of money? instead of a sign? I have been at one of these churchs where the minister and his family's all drive Mercedes and the woman all have huge diamonds on their hands...What is wrong with this picture? church should be about not getting rich off the offering plate but about helping the poor and needy.

carpenter4noJan. 20, 13 8:31 AM

Too bad they are sending 1.5 million twincities money out of the country.It could do alot of good right here

jeannine1657Jan. 20, 1310:09 AM

Thank you so much for this wonderful article. More and more people are coming to know and serve Jesus because of churches like this one.

chuckdancerJan. 20, 1310:23 AM

I wonder why the Catholics never thought of being involved in the life of their communities?

snumungitJan. 20, 1310:31 AM

It seems, to this pastor, that the measure of a good church is how much money its parishioners are giving. Jesus wants you to give us your money. How long will people fall for this?

editor25Jan. 20, 1310:48 AM

Um, the largest increase in religious demographics is among the non-believers, up to 20% in the US - a huge increase that makes it one of the largest categories of religious classification and indisputably the fastest growing category. So, there IS hope for the future.

johnniecakeJan. 20, 1310:59 AM

I for one don't go to church to jump around and act like your at a Disco. I prefer quiet time with GOD. Listen to Scriptures, sing religious songs & give praise to GOD. When this rage comes to an end, Ingram and her lover, hopefully they have gotten married with their child. They will have the money and they will live happily ever after until redemption with the LORD comes.


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