Anderson: Gun debate not definitive

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 21, 2013 - 6:52 AM

The semiautomatic gun, when it hasn't been dogged by negative press, evolved for use by soldiers as well as sportsmen. Now it's a political hot potato for extremists.

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freedumb86Jan. 20, 1312:18 AM

Many men are worried that Obama is going to take away their right to overcompensate.

jshubergJan. 20, 13 2:29 AM

It's a good article. Most people who are so easily swayed by the anti-assault weapon fervor going on don't have the first clue what they're talking about. Whenever I hear someone making the statement that "assault weapons" need to be banned, I ask them whats the difference is between a hunting rifle and an assault rifle. I've never gotten anything even close to a correct answer. It's like listening to a bunch of virgins discussing sex, convinced that they some how know what they're talking about.

pdf123Jan. 20, 13 7:31 AM

One thing the article doesn't point out, guns last. The traditional market got saturated, so manufacturers had to come up with some new product they could convince certain gun owners to waste money on. I am "traditional" hunting gun owner, I like pumps and bolts, have considered "traditional" semi-autos for my wife because they kick less, but we will stick with bolts because of affordability and reliability. I do agree there's some symbolic politics involved. I support 80-90% of what Obama is doing, but I don't think the assault weapons ban is not imp't. In one area, I wish he had gone further - requiring safe storage of firearms. If Nancy Lanza had kept those guns secure from her son, this massacre never would have happened.

raylottieJan. 20, 13 8:00 AM

New definition for "assault weapon": Any rifle that looks scary to Diane Feinstein.

Willy53Jan. 20, 13 8:15 AM

You used a lot of restrainthere, Dennis. What you should do is write a column on what is actually included in the obama adminstration's proposals and executive actions concerning guns, gun ownership and background checks. Unfortunately, the recent spike in gun sales is driven by hysteria perpetrated by the gun lobby that your right to own guns will be abridged. Maybe you could clear that up for your readers.

jackpinesavJan. 20, 13 9:02 AM

Hmmmmmm. 4 years ago, ammunition and gun makers got rich suggesting that the hew president would "take the guns" and even tax ammunition. closets are now full of shells that will never be used AND there was NO gun legislation proposed by the president in the first term. tragedy and Obama is the focal point......not the complexity of the issue? Nobody wants all the guns and reasonable sportmen and gun owners know this.

paulusJan. 20, 1310:17 AM

Reasonable sportsmen and gun owners would probably not have a problem with some of the suggestions regarding registration and mental health. Some of the others are just absurd and will not accomplish anything as the anti -gun zealots clearly don't even know what an AR15 or assault rifle even is. The problem lies in the fact that a lot of the opposition has clearly stated that the ultimate goal is the total ban on gun ownership. Some have boldly stated that the new provisions would be a "first step" in the process, while others use thinly veiled statements "that we'll try these new measures, but if more mass shootgins occur, we may have to go further". Of course they will go further, history shows that that is what they always do ie: smoking, abortion, gay marriage, etc. They are not interested in compromise in the least. The left in this country has proven time and time again not to uphold deals they make with their opponents. This regime is a prime example of the "my way or the highway" mentality, so no, I don't trust them to stop until all private gun ownership is abolished. The end always justifies the means with the left, so any further compromise on the part of law abiding gun owners who are only protecting their rights would be foolish.

fisherboyJan. 20, 1311:52 AM

Paulus is so right. Slowly and piece by piece the liberties granted to each citizen is being taken away. Laws and regulations by varying degrees are the rule of the land... it is not a simple right or wrong. How does one or the government regulate evil and hate? Requiring health care professions to ask there patients if there are guns in their homes. Really? When the real issue is that gangs, formerly incarcerated and mentally ill individuals are the most likely to break the many laws restricting ownership or possession on firearms. By no means are these folks to be scrutinized or monitored closely. Just read the lead story in the Star Tribune today to see how well the gun law system works. Just a side note related to government regulations... TSA is removing 170+ (all) of the person x-ray machines in 30 airports due to the manufactures inability to comply with TSA's requirements. Money well spent and a regulation or requirement that was only a window dressing to make travelers safer as well as annoy those passing through security. Gun control laws will be much the same.

IHATELOGINS0Jan. 20, 13 2:43 PM

Most of the people trying to ban these guns have never even seen or touched one. They have no idea what they are talking about and should just go away! We need to stand up against these clueless kool-aid drinking communists! Bottom line is that Assault Rifles have been banned along time ago. Following the anti-gun zealots' logic, a gun painted black with a grip looks scary and must be banned, guess my BB gun and squirt gun are Assault Rifles too. Fix the problems with mental health, family, and middle class along with enforcing existing laws and watch everything fall back into place. Just ask Chicago how all those gun bans are working....they are not......don'take away from us hard working, law abiding citizens, fix the real problems.

harrisstevenJan. 20, 13 7:56 PM

jshuberg, I disagree. I was a member of the NRA, I carried an M-16 for 4 years, was a police officer for 30, carried M4's M16's, you name it. I have lots of guns. I am also an expert marksman. I have a federal permit to carry anywhere. But, there IS a difference between a true hunter and his small capacity rifle and this type of weapon. It is too obvious to go into details that, again, are much too obvious. I want a ban on them. I don't have one. Don't want one. Several of my friends have them. I still don't. They have no use that a 12 gauge pump wouldn't sere better.


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