Prepare for impact of climate change

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  • Updated: January 19, 2013 - 6:57 PM

Research, infrastructure improvements can help state adapt.

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bluedevil101Jan. 19, 13 9:53 PM

Personally, I'm glad Minnesota is getting warmer. If it gets to a San Diego weather pattern, I may just stay when I retire.

getcrazyJan. 19, 1310:10 PM

If the best we can leave the next generation is a spoiled world claiming the need for economic growth - I don't nor should I hold much hope for humanity. I shouldn't have much respect for the humanity within myself. I shouldn't have much respect for those that taught me to hold my humanity like that. Certainly we can do better than that right? Are we not smart enough? Are we so lazy that we cannot?

medas2005Jan. 19, 1310:52 PM

While the Republican party is in total denial that anything significant is happening, the real world is already making plans for a warmer future. Insurance companies are adjusting their risk tables. Seed growers are developing new seeds. Hopefully soon we can be in total problem solving mode and figue out how best to prevent and prepare for change.

ginny6Jan. 19, 1311:05 PM

So sad, but true.

davehougJan. 19, 1311:44 PM

I don't doubt global warming. Effects have been even more drastic than predicted. BUT what caused previous periods of warming in the 1930's or the end of the 'little ice age' in history????

martiankingJan. 20, 1312:07 AM

I appreciate the editorial, but the sad reality is that there are plenty of people, and I won't resort to using labels here, who are disbelieving of the whole climate change idea. Add in the fact that any meaningful change will require funds to be spent on preparations and possibly take away from economic growth in the traditional sense, the deficit hawks will decry any attempt to fund these changes. For those who say what about previous warming trends, I say this is different. Man is adding to this, and unless we change our ways, the earth can not self balance this out and correct the damage caused.

middleman711Jan. 20, 1312:15 AM

History books may be a good place to look for advice on how to cope with global warming. The medieval warming period from 900 to 1300 saw temps rise enough for the vikings to begin farming on Greenland. Europe also flourished during those years. And all that warming took place without the burning of fossil fuels. What caused it? How did the people manage? And how did the polar bears survive?

probsolverJan. 20, 13 7:47 AM

Global warming rebranded to Climate Change. What silly name will you come up with next. Take a look at your leader (Gore). Follow the money, people. Who are the people making out like like bandits while living a lifecycle antithetical to your cause? Look at those in the scientific community who espouse it as fact versus theory. Are not their livelihoods dependent on it being treated so? Look at the scores of examples of said scientists not releasing all their data and even falsifying their data. Is it real? Nobody on these boards knows for sure. Does the above commentary disprove it? No. Should it cause us to pause? You decide.

lakeelmo99Jan. 20, 13 8:47 AM

We whine about the lack of jobs but rush to buy cheap products made in China rather than looking for made in the USA. We complain about gas prices and oil from coutries that mean to do us harm but think nothing of driving huge SUVs and pickups like race cars. We are going to get exactly what we deserve. Unfortunately so will our kids.

davehougJan. 20, 13 8:49 AM

this is different. Man is adding to this - - AGREED. And I would say preparation makes economic sense too. Every proposal on CO2 is to use less. BUT will that merely mean our great-grandchildren instead of our grandchildren face the consequences. World population is skyrocketing. Time to move away from coasts where the risk & expense is worst.


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