Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o tells ESPN he was never involved in creating girlfriend hoax

  • Article by: RALPH D. RUSSO , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 19, 2013 - 3:00 AM
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sidhartmannJan. 18, 1311:37 PM

Enough already. Talk about overhype...

goldengoph3rJan. 19, 13 1:17 AM

There's no doubt in my mind that T'eo was a participant in the hoax, but at the end of the day, no harm was done except to T'eo's personal reputation.

nomedsJan. 19, 13 7:05 AM

Come clean Te'o. It's only going to make you look more silly. Remember, you said that you met this girl at Stanford. Who then was the girl you met at Stanford? It was all a plublicity stunt to gain him some attention so that he would be considered for the Heisman, because how many linebackers have ever won the Heisman?

nordeastguyJan. 19, 13 8:22 AM

It may have been a hoax but after Te'o and the school realized it, they kept referring to it and didn't come clean. That is where they should be ashamed.

minneg56Jan. 19, 13 8:31 AM

Whether Te'o is a victim, a perp or just someone who was either used to, or pulled off a sick prank -he doesn't look as stupid or incompetent and as bad as the media! How is it that a 21-22 year old kid or his entourage' could fool and dupe a very sophisticated national media? Before reporting a story on the kid's supposed 'dying/dead girl friend' couldn't somebody have performed some basic JR. HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL investigative journalism and reporting to verify that in fact there WAS a girl friend- let alone one dying of cancer and then a dead one? This media blowout seems to be more an obfuscation of medias own very major 'shortcoming' in reporting heresay, gossip and rumor! Media took the bait HARD and ran out the line! Now media looks totally incompetent and stupid so what do they do? Blame those who fooled them because they media didn't do their job by verifying facts before they were reported. Media you have been exposed - this kid made a total monkey out of you!

editor29Jan. 19, 13 8:32 AM

Done and done. Any other sound you hear coming from this story will be that of the beating of a dead horse.

ollie3Jan. 19, 13 9:20 AM

The real story isn't Te'o or his fake girlfriend or whether he was in on it or not. The real story is the NCAA, a multi-billion dollar interstate business, that uses sappy feel-good stories like Te'os, and relies on it's media partners (so-called 'reporters' and 'journalists') to perpetuate the stories, without questioning them, in order to keep us opening our wallets and handing over big fat stacks of cash.

mnbusdrJan. 19, 13 9:37 AM

He was lying then; who knows if he's lying now? His touching and inspirational story didn't win the Heisman for him, so who cares?

uz9305Jan. 19, 13 9:49 AM

Lance Jr.

minneg56Jan. 19, 1310:42 AM

uz9305 - On one hand Te'o is a 'kid'- who may have been duped into a hoax -or not. But anything potentially gained by the Te'o story would really only have gone to benefit Te'o -Heisman Trophy, Hollywood screen play, book deal and a made for 'LifeTime TV Network' tissue & tear jerk story. Lance on the other hand - although a pathological liar and cheat (not to mention bully and lout), DID raise almost 1/2 billion dollars for cancer research - while lining his own bike shorts. At least some investigative reporting went into the Armstrong debacle. Te'o's story just totally made fools of the media 'selling' the human interest 'love story' with no facts to back the story. This is totally the problem with media today - it isn't journalism. It's story telling. Just tell the story and don't confuse the audience with the facts!


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