Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin charged with taking bribes, travel perks from city contractors

  • Article by: MICHAEL KUNZELMAN , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 18, 2013 - 5:13 PM
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facingtruthJan. 18, 1312:42 PM

Of course the media leaves out the fact that Ray Nagin is a Democrat. You can bet your bottom dollar if a Republican was brought up in the charges that the political affiliation would be in the headline. There's not even a mention of Nagin's party membership here. I wonder how many people miss subtle bias like this.

birdpeepJan. 18, 1312:58 PM

This clown was responsible for a majority of the problems in New Prleans associated with the flood. He is as incompetent as Obama and he too put personal aggrandizement over the good of his people. They are both hustlers out for themselves.

EleanoreJan. 18, 1312:59 PM

IMO this civil rights abuser has been one step ahead of the law since Katrina. I hope he get's locked up so deep they have to pipe light to him. It would be a good example for present day terrorists.

staredJan. 18, 1312:59 PM

It's "liberal racism"; this occurs when liberals refuse to hold everyone up to the same moral standards because minorities are some how exempted from these same moral standards.

paulypaul14Jan. 18, 13 1:03 PM

I'm sure it was Bush's Fault!

pintailguyJan. 18, 13 1:05 PM

The liberal media also missed the fact that this guy was in hiding while NO was being washed away...he also was asleep before katrina hit and didn't use the buses for a mandatory evacuation. Of course the evening news failed to follow up on why and hold him accountable. It was bushes fault was all they could say

notsidJan. 18, 13 1:18 PM

I don't think that Nagin's behavior has anything to do with whether he is a Democrat or a Republican. He abused the public trust in him and should be severely punished accordingly consistent with the applicable laws. If he is a member of my political party,then frankly, I want him punished to the limit of the law given that he has tarnished the image of my party...nothing less than that!

tooty123Jan. 18, 13 1:43 PM

facingtruth---You didn't read the whole article. The LA Democratic party was upset when he endorsed Bobby Jindal for governor. LA politics has always been so corrupt that it doesn't even come close to party affiliation! Bribes and paybacks are done all the time. If the corrupt businesses wants something, they are going to get it; whether they are GOP, Dem, or Independent. At least they are starting to go after corruption; now move to the parishes and Baton Rouge.

lowerhayJan. 18, 13 2:03 PM

There must be something in the water down in NO. There has been corruption in their politics since Day 1!! Ray Nagin is simply the latest to be exposed. Shame on him!

sunshine59Jan. 18, 13 2:15 PM

Usually in an article about politics, the office holding politician's name has party affiliations next to it. I believe that is why facingtruth is upset. And I can understand the point. It seems unfair but lazy journalism sways readers with small but very telling omissions. So, we all are against corruption, right? But we all want our "team/guy" to prevail thus we react to slight biases. AND more importantly, we all are wanting and hoping for unbiased journalism. Sadly, media streaming is becoming more and more polarized.


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