Gun-buying surge appears unparalleled nationwide

  • Article by: SARI HORWITZ and PETER FINN , Washington Post
  • Updated: January 17, 2013 - 10:12 PM
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paul44Jan. 17, 1310:08 PM

There are many more insecure and frightened people in this country than I ever thought. I feel sorry for how lost they are. Thankfully, the greatness of this country will overcome them.

bikiesterJan. 17, 1310:18 PM

The NRA calls for stricter rules for the mentally ill to buy guns. Roughly 26.2% of Americans are diagnosed with a "mental disorder" in a given year in the US. With the looming paranoia about a pending crackdown one must ask how many of those gun buyers would be ineligible if stricter rules existed banning sales to those with mental illness. And, what forms of mental illness preclude gun ownership? Does, for instance, narcissistic personality disorder preclude a purchase? What would Wayne say?

minn12Jan. 17, 1310:47 PM

Obama and his fellow gun grabbers are succeeding in selling more guns and getting more people licensed to carry than in any time in history. What he fails to realize is the uncounted millions of new gun owners VOTE and will throw out of office any liberal democrats or anyone who even THINKS of trying to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights. These people foolishly propose the same tired old gun bans, magazine capacity limits etc. that have ALREADY BEEN TRIED and proven NOT TO WORK. Yet they keep trying over and over. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. See what I mean? How about we try the one thing that is actually proven to work- get rid of 'gun free zones', which is where these mass shootings always occur.

johndontJan. 17, 1311:25 PM

"There are many more insecure and frightened people in this country than I ever thought. I feel sorry for how lost they are. Thankfully, the greatness of this country will overcome them."

paul44, if you make the effort to talk to enough people, I believe you will find out that your theory of frightened and insecure people will fall by the wayside.

webceltJan. 18, 1312:16 AM

johndont, paul44 is right. Secure people don't dash out to buy the weapons used to slaughter lots of children just weeks ago.

jimiekJan. 18, 1312:20 AM

I think they are buying them so that they can sell them later at a profit. In this case that should be a crime.

idigbroadsJan. 18, 13 1:23 AM

Obama is salesman of the year for every sporting goods store in the country. All he has done is put fear into law abiding citizens while not affecting the criminals.

sachmnJan. 18, 13 5:18 AM

jimiek...why should that be a crime? In any case, if the legislation goes through it would make selling (not owning) those guns, even privately, a crime and as these are law-abiding citizens they wouldn't do it, so no worries there. webcelt...the weapons they are buying weren't "...used to slaughter lots of children..." These are guns similar to those used to further a violent and heinous crime by a mentally unstable young man. Of course you could stop swallowing down the hype that shoddy journalists feed you or you can stop and think about it like a reasonable, pragmatic adult.

sachmnJan. 18, 13 5:23 AM

As far as background checks go, I say (as a moderate, gun-carrying, liberal who thinks for himself rather than on party lines) go for it, I, as will all of these "insecure and frightened people" that are law-abiding citizens, will pass as many as they want to give me. PERHAPS even limiting magazine capacity, but I think that's a stretch. As far as registration (more than the record of manufacture, sale, paperwork, background check, etc. that every pistol and "assault-weapon" purchaser already submits to)...try it.

sachmnJan. 18, 13 5:30 AM

To be totally honest, I don't believe that most of these politicians arguing for stricter gun-control are trying to TAKE weapons away from us. I could be wrong, but perhaps I'm just not all that cynical. I do think that most of them, as well as the citizenry that has gobbled up the hype, do have good intentions. The problem as I see it, is: that most aren't cynical enough to believe that the government COULD/WOULD take them if they wanted to; are cynical enough about violence/guns that they believe all guns cause all gun/violence problems; aren't cynical enough to believe that guns are available to the less-than law-abiding no matter how strict gun laws are.


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