How long will we remember?

  • Article by: DAVID McCUMBER , Hearst Newspapers
  • Updated: January 17, 2013 - 12:23 PM

America, numbed by the repetition of senseless gun violence, will continue to have a short memory for such atrocities. At least that's what the NRA is counting on.

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circleoflifeJan. 17, 1312:30 PM

This has to be the most blatantly irresponsible opinion piece I've ever read on this site. I am disgusted. To tell blatant lies and make accusations like this is disgusting whoever at this paper decided to post it should be fired. I will seriously be considering canceling all subscriptions and will be diligent about sending that message to my 800+ "friends" on Facebook. I would be my next paycheck, the Trib doesn't have the guts to let this post. I am disgusted...........

SwiftBoatJan. 17, 1312:34 PM

All the NRA's fault. Just like it's all Bush's fault.

pistols12Jan. 17, 1312:37 PM

The NRA commercial we are seeing on TV right now, which refers to the President's children, is quite horrid. They should be ashamed. Speaking of the President, he should also be ashamed. Using other people's children a props to further his agenda is nakedly manipulative and grotesque. What a loser is this man. And then there's this ridiculous, vulgar, and crude article by David McCumber, which adds nothing the the debate. Are there ANY adults out there who can contribute something useful to this issue?

omakristyJan. 17, 1312:43 PM

I haven't forgotten those names, but it's tough to remember all of the identities of the victims of mass shooting events. There are too many of them. I only hope that the author is wrong and that the American public doesn't forget that these individuals lost their lives at the hands of people using guns to kill other people.

ande1352Jan. 17, 1312:46 PM

I am a gun owner, and I remember all of these people. When innocent people senselessly lose their lives it's a complete tragedy and gun owners can feel the impact of the tragedy just as much as the rest of us. We cry for those families that lost loved ones, we pray for them and we celebrate the lives they lived. But that doesn't mean that we will allow our 2nd amendment rights to be taken away either, especially when the suggested gun control laws would have essentially zero impact on crimes like the one in Connecticut, Colorado or elsewhere. Those who would hurt the people we love don't care about gun control laws, only law abiding citizens will be disarmed -and that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. Emotional appeals to disarm everyone in the wake of a tragedy like this serves no one.

mwellcomeJan. 17, 1312:51 PM

Wow ... The most disgusting article I've read to date concerning Newtown and gun violence. No one is asking anyone to forget. I'm a member of the NRA and it makes me sick to see this happen. So please, don't insult me with your prejudices and tell me I'm part of the problem. The murderers in Newtown, Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech were sick individuals. Had they not had a gun, they would have used something else.

JimmahJan. 17, 1312:52 PM

@circleoflife where's the lies? The NRA wants you to forget how you felt after the kids were shredded by bullets, and the other side wants you to remember. That's a fact. Here's an opinion: Responsible gun owners who have handguns and hunting rifles should feel no threat in restrictions on military-style assault rifles and high-cap magazines. The people who froth at the mouth when confronted by sensible gun control measures are an immediate threat to my family and yours.

bertiewJan. 17, 1312:52 PM

I'm surprised that I have not heard any comparisons to that terrible shooting at the Amish school in Pennsylvania in 2006. I count them among the "forgotten" victims.

minn12Jan. 17, 13 1:04 PM

While we remember the victims, we also remember the saying that Obama and his gun-banners cynically live by: 'Never let a good crisis go to waste'. We will not stand by and allow the 2nd Amendment to be trashed by those who would do it harm.

muggsh2oJan. 17, 13 1:10 PM

The article shows the worthlessness of the New York Times Editorial Board as well as the Editorial Board of the Star Tribune. I cannot wait for these two newspapers to finally go under, both being broke. I'm a hunter, not an NRA member, but many of those I hunt with are NRA members and they are the most responsible people I know. What the NY Times/Red Star didn't address are violent video games, violent TV and movies, bad parenting and mental health. All of those things desensitized the Newton shooter to be able to kill those poor kids. No where does the NRA downplay those killings. And nowhere does the NY Times/Mpls Red Star mention that their hero Obama's plan unveiled yesterday will do NOTHING to stop this carnage where the proposal by the NRA could potentially stop a killer. Because there will be more of these (especially since Obama/Biden plan does nothing to eliminate the violence) killings. This article is beyond appalling and disgusting. It makes no sense why a major US newspaper would allow it to be printed and worse than that, why the Mpls Star Tribune would pick it up.


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