Obama's efforts to put new limits on guns face difficulties with lawmakers of both parties

  • Article by: ERICA WERNER , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 17, 2013 - 3:03 PM
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smehgolJan. 17, 13 7:53 AM

Imagine now our country No more violent movies Or games or books or guns Or Amendments Two and One

smehgolJan. 17, 13 7:54 AM

Soldiers visited households on the mandatory French gun registration list in WW2 Occupied France. Cruel examples were made of those who would not, or could not, not surrender their guns. In post Katrina New Orleans, authorities visited households on the mandatory gun registration list and (illegally and unconstitutionally) confiscated all guns. Police and soldiers were too few to control overt and rampant gang criminality. Families were rendered vulnerable and defenseless.

Amos_AJan. 17, 1310:41 AM

2:10 into the video: “Congress should restore a ban on military-style assault weapons …” What will the definition of “military-style assault weapon” be this time? 2:30 into the video: “We should get tougher on people who buys guns with the express purpose of turning around and selling them to criminals. And we should severely punish anyone who helps them do this.” This from the administration who was knowingly allowing straw purchasers to shuffle guns to the Mexican cartel? How do you propose punishing yourself and your AG?

theagonybhoJan. 17, 1310:52 AM

This bill has zero chance of passing, what will pass is 100% and more extensive background checks and possibly limiting clip size. Now can we move on to other pressing issues please.

bizsmithJan. 17, 1311:32 AM

How can anyone believe that an executive order is the product of one man? True Obama is head of the executive branch and he holds the pen to sign the order but it is the work of the president and his advisors. If the executive order is what it takes to get congress off the dime, so be it. By the way I didn't vote for Obama.

jdlellis1Jan. 17, 1311:37 AM

Almost forgot. One of the teachers was honored for thrusting her body in front of the CT shooter to save a few children. She is now a martyr. What if she had been properly trained in the use of weapons and was able to stop the shooter? She and possibly others would be alive, heralded as a hero and other evil people who would consider such deeds may think again before proceeding.

russ999Jan. 17, 1311:41 AM

"This from the administration who was knowingly allowing straw purchasers to shuffle guns to the Mexican cartel?"

you can keep posting lie this but all it does is show the gullibility or lack of integrity of you righties.
The NRA and Republicans have made gun tracking by the feds virtually impossible. So some rogue Az. ATF agents took it upon themselves to try to infiltrate the Mexican gun cartel. The Obama admin did not know about it till the media reported it.

scottzJan. 17, 1311:57 AM

russ999, check your facts. The ATF ran the straw purchase programs now the White House. Additionally, there were 4 similar straw purchase operations and 3 of them were under George Bush. Funny how you didn't bring those up!

jepop90Jan. 17, 1312:00 PM

I'm sure glad that the Cons and NRA are around, they make for a handy reverse barometer. It they are for something I know that it's usually wrong.

BVMannJan. 17, 1312:00 PM

Once again, hysterical focusing on the gun & not the gun violence. Absolutely no consideration of improved enforcement of existing laws despite much evidence of deficient enforcement (esp. NCIS database & sharing of intel). This is yet another 9/11 witch hunt & coverup. No, I'm not paranoid, just disgusted with unknowledgable pols only listening to what they want to hear & their next election chances. Disgusting.


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