Minnesotan in line as the president's chief of staff

  • Article by: MARK LANDLER , New York Times
  • Updated: January 16, 2013 - 8:56 PM

Stillwater native Denis McDonough has been one of Obama's key national security deputies.

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redorblueJan. 16, 1311:30 PM

Big Red Flag! "He coordinated the administration's response to the deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, and its messy aftermath, for example." That's only illustrates incompetence.

ericschubertJan. 17, 13 7:30 AM

What an awesome choice for the U.S. An incredibly smart, compassionate, rationale person. Go Johnnies!

juliebalamutJan. 17, 13 8:59 AM

Pres. Obama couldn't have picked a more intelligent, ethical, and humble person to be his new chief of staff. If Mr. McDonough is anything like the rest of his family, all whom are at the top of their chosen professions, he will be an incredilbe asset to this country. I believe Mr. McDonough speaks Spanish, French, German, has taught high school in Belize, graduated summa at St. John's, was a distinguished scholar at the Kennedy center of foreign policy at Georgetown University, intimately understands not only U.S. domestic policy but has been an expert in European, Middle Eastern, and South American domestic issues, and has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to understand and work through issues for the common good of all Americans and our world neighbors without the typical political grand-standing of most in Washington. No, the word "incompentence" has never been associated with Mr. McDonough. And won't ever be for him and those who are quietly diligent and intelligent enough to try to work to make this country and our place in the world better for everybody. Before all you Obama-haters rush to demonize anybody associated with his administration, please educate yourselves on their lives, hard work, and credentials for the job. Plus, try to get your information from places other than FOX news and Rush Limbough, maybe places like Foreign Affairs, the Economist, and other media that educates rather than sensationalizes.

ollie3Jan. 17, 13 9:52 AM

what a surprise, ths Strib's main priority is pointing out the 'local angle' aspect

stanleysaysJan. 17, 1310:38 AM

I went to school with him from 1982-1988 and he was extremely mean to many classmates including me. I'm shocked that someone of questionable character would be put into this position of power. I'm scared for our country.

pamelap12Jan. 17, 1311:08 AM

Nice to be considered, whether or not he is actually selected. Being the COS is BIG job. My prayers on his success in managing the government if he is selected.

callmeronJan. 17, 1311:46 AM

Chief of Staff for the most incompetent President this nation has ever had, a President who is RAPIDLY bankrupting this nation, a President who has added nearly $6 TRILLION to the national debt in less than 4 years, a President whose policies have destroyed millions of jobs, a President who is FAKING the job creation numbers....Wow, I am impressed. A Minnesota boy, you say?

redorblueJan. 17, 13 4:40 PM

juliebalamut - part of the administration's response was to send Susan Rice out with edited talking points to 5 Sunday news programs. Do you believe her stating this was the result of a mob angry about a youtube video? The congressional hearings found otherwise, as reported by the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/21/us/politics/state-dept-calls-security-during-benghazi-attack-unacceptable.html?_r=0

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