Arming the right people can save lives

  • Article by: DAVID KOPEL
  • Updated: January 16, 2013 - 8:08 PM

Armed defenders have stopped a number of attacks. But that's not news, is it?

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gyroboyJan. 16, 13 8:23 PM

Amen....The bias in the media is appalling, guns do save lives. The misinformation campaign about guns drives the uniformed to beleive if we just do SOMETHIGN-ANYTHING, the violence will be diminished. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth

bigbadbeanJan. 16, 13 8:55 PM

Happens all the time but you won't find it as news in the main stream media. Gee, since 1980 violent crime using guns in down. At the same time more and more states have enacted carry laws. Coincidence? Not at all. When bad guys know good guys will defend themselves it makes them think twice. This notion by liberals that law abiding citizens should be disallowed guns and only thugs should have guns is frightening.

brokenclockJan. 16, 13 9:05 PM

Kudos to the STrib for publishing an article firmly based in reality. Society has nothing to fear from responsible armed citizens. Year in and year out, armed citizens save more lives, stop more crimes in progress and kill more felons than the police do - lots more. Much of that comes without a shot being fired. The mere sight of a gun sends the bad guys fleeing. Who can forget the former Marine in Uptown two years ago who shot one of the three thugs kicking him the head. They had terrorized the neighborhood for weeks and hurt some people real bad. The cops couldn't stop them. Then they picked on the wrong guy. No more beatings in Uptown. Concealed carry works. Gun control doesn't.

jleonardJan. 16, 13 9:05 PM

I know, let's require everyone to carry a gun then the bad guys can be caught in a deadly crossfire and are sure to be dispatched without necessity for those darn pesky and costly trials. With all the evil perps lying dead we can also close all the prisons and release those left inside because they wouldn't dare commit a crime knowing they would be mowed down too. Hey, then we wouldn't even need police departments who only show up in minutes when seconds count - think of the tax savings in that idea: no more pesky salaries and pensions (or expensive health insurance), no more rolling stock to buy or maintain and we could turn the precinct buildings into shooting ranges where the armed populace could hone their skills. Yes, yes - I'm sure this is the answer; require everyone to exercise their second amendment rights, more guns is sure to solve all of our problems.

bigbadbeanJan. 16, 13 9:22 PM

"I know, let's require everyone to carry a gun" As usual, liberals need to go to the extreme.

LakeliverJan. 16, 13 9:23 PM

America alone is not the sum total of "the real world." Countries with sane gun laws have 20% fewer gun-related homicides than we do. Per one hundred thousand, Japan has 3 percent the gun deaths we have. In "the real world" we have 5% of the its population and now more than 50% of its guns. In Australia one of the most conservative leaders in the advanced "real world" has effected some of the most stringent gun regulations of all. Why do we have to listen to more NRA propaganda? Even more than 70% of its membership now agrees there is a need for saner gun laws. By the way, violent video games are omnipresent in Japan. Let's quite the inane and meaningless rationalizations and actually do something to avoid gun violence and children massacres. In "the real world" since Newtown, there have been more than 900 more gun-related homicides.

purlieuJan. 16, 13 9:25 PM

Wayne LaPierre and the NRA have burned any bridges they might have to the rest of sane society with their latest ad using the President's daughters. Not only are they wrong about guns, they act like people who've sold their souls to the big companies who only want to make money at the expense of our safety. Anyone mentioning them as a rationale for anything will get no consideration from me.

LakeliverJan. 16, 13 9:26 PM

Well, we have a good sampling of the "true believers" here whose concept of the real world evidently is seen through the scope of a gun, a very skewed and cloudy scope.

bigbadbeanJan. 16, 13 9:47 PM

Countries with sane gun laws have 20% fewer gun-related homicides than we do. Name one country that has as diverse of a population, gang problem and drug problem. It is not law abiding citizens using guns in violent acts. Chicago has about the strictest gun laws in the nation and had 512 murders last year. Explain how more gun laws will stop that.

harrisstevenJan. 16, 1310:07 PM

Baffled as to why this is never addressed: The police know it and so do gun advocates..or they should. Gun permit owners are not police officers. Can you tell me where (not Minnesota) where an armed civilian can go after a criminal and start shooting or whatever UNLESS their own life is at stake? It seems that all of the scenarios are based on everyone with a permit is now a police officer. Can anyone deny this? Shall I copy and paste the Minnesota laws regarding this?


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