Notre Dame LB Manti Te'o says he was victim of 'sick joke,' story of girlfriend dying a hoax

  • Article by: TOM COYNE , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 17, 2013 - 7:36 AM
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ranger78Jan. 16, 13 5:38 PM

Huh? This guy claims it was an online relationship and he was duped. Notre Dame said he's on the outside looking in. He's the one who said he met her at Stanford. He's the one who milked this for all it was worth. He's the one who is the fraud.

John E.Jan. 16, 13 5:45 PM

I have a bridge for sale for anyone believing that this was a hoax perpetrated against Te'o. It isn't a coincidence that his Heisman stock began to rise right after the press began reporting on his "courageous" response to his girlfriend's death.

joepikeJan. 16, 13 6:07 PM

What a phony! And the fact that the school is spinning this garbage is just another reason to HATE Notre Dame. Was very nice to watch them get slapped around on national tv (wait, they're always on national tv) in the Alabama game.

gps1010Jan. 16, 13 6:41 PM

Future Vikings draft pick, right here! Rick Spielman just LOVES those players from Notre Dame remember.

born2playJan. 16, 13 6:55 PM

Time to go on Oprah! Let's see if it takes him as long as it did Lance Armstrong to admit to his indiscretions. Yeah, you're the victim!!! It's just more evidence of how this nation is in decline. The young kids today cannot accept any personal responsibility. Their knee-jerk reaction to getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar is to try to lie their way out of it. Had he just been forthright about it, he would have stood a better chance of getting past it. No it just perpetuate. If the Vikings touch this guy (even in the fourth-round where they do all their bargain shopping) I'm through with them.

jimteacherJan. 16, 13 7:01 PM

For anyone who thinks this kid is a victim to a prank, you need to see PFT's article on this which has unearthed some past comments about his "girlfriend" and "her family." They are remarkable! And what ought to be the most mind-boggling facet in all of this -- Notre Dame actually embarrassing themselves to the degree that they have in hopes of making Te'o the victim in all of this -- really is not. Notre Dame will do anything to protect its image. The NCAA needs to investigate them ASAP.

Dellman2Jan. 16, 13 7:22 PM

Another Notre Dame hoax. Just like the football season was opened up for all to see when the Crimson Tide came a callin'. ROLL TIDE ROLL.

marygoroundJan. 16, 13 8:23 PM

Note how it was Deadspin that discovered this. It wasn't the NY Times, or the AP, or 60 Minutes, CNN or Woodward and Bernstein -- IT WAS DEADSPIN (the very site that Chris Kluwe is always blogging on)! Does that or does that not epitomize the state the Main Stream Media is in these days? For crying out loud, a simple check on one of those online people finder websites shows that no one by that name even exists! Some punk kid just makes something up and because it fits the media's agenda to sensationalize everything, they don't even bother to verify it before they turn it into some big Rocky Balboa story! It kind of makes you wonder what else the media is not bothering to look into (Benghazi anyone).

rodneyklineJan. 16, 13 8:24 PM

I didn't want anyone missing this post by floridascott on the other story: Tweet from SNL's Seth Meyers ..."These Te'o jokes are all very funny but let's all try and remember that a person who never existed is dead." ..... Very Funny.

walshpjJan. 16, 1310:34 PM

Now, tell me: what could be behind a high-profile male athlete making up having a girlfriend and then saying she died? wouldn't it just be easier to have a real-life girlfriend who is healthy?


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