Hennepin Co. homeless numbers hit highs not seen in a decade

  • Article by: RANDY FURST , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 16, 2013 - 7:33 AM

That's despite numerous public and private programs that spend millions of dollars confronting homelessness, some of which have had marked success.

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daveseavyJan. 15, 1310:43 PM

This is in no way to pass judgement on the homeless; it can happen to anybody. However, when I see a 29 year-old homeless person with 5 kids, it makes me wonder why this is happening. Men and women need to stop creating babies they can't afford to take care of. It's not all that difficult to avoid.

canonballJan. 15, 1311:10 PM

daveseavy: amen brother!! you said a mouthful. Just the other day I saw a story of a woman in California with 15 kids and no husband and she said "someone has to pay for this". The city was trying to find a place for these kids. People need to learn to make the family that fits who they are at that point in their life. Like some of these people buy too much house when they buy one and end up losing it.

shallmanJan. 15, 1311:21 PM

I have to say I understand being down on your luck. Underemployed, restricted by having a child that is your priority. I get that. Having ONE or even two kids then having the rug of stability pulled out from under you. But FIVE!!!!! Come on! There are plenty of birth control methods out there. All children should be blessings and should be welcome. Women need to take responsibilty for their own procreation. Men DO NOT. Please, Please do not use children as an excuse. We want to help you, but first, help yourselves!

helclJan. 15, 1311:23 PM

government thinks throwing money at it will fix the problem. at this point in their lives these people need that hand up to go with the hand out. when things get to this situation this is why we pay taxes. place to sleep and a little chow isnt going to fix this problem. several different facets of assistance are needed to help these people out. they pretty much have nothing and need help getting back on track. even if you have each of them $10,000 dollars thats not going to fix it. they need more than money.

tooty123Jan. 16, 13 1:40 AM

Women need to take responsibility for their own procreation. Men DO NOT shallman---That's the problem! Men must start taking care of THEIR procreation. It takes a male and a female to conceive a child; and BOTH need to be responsible for the child. There will be a male birth control pill coming out soon. I wonder how many men will act responsibly and take the pill?

furguson11Jan. 16, 13 4:15 AM

The folks working in the homeless community are doing gods work daily, but they just can keep up against the low apartment vacancy rates, the scourge of CD and mental health issues and the poor economy. It's a tough problem.

propagandistJan. 16, 13 5:46 AM

How many homeless could be housed for the cost of one drone? Priorities.

slowrideJan. 16, 13 5:51 AM

I understand the procreation discussion above, and yes, there are ways to avoid pregnancy. But, not everyone's situation is the same and this woman obviously had a reason to leave an abusive relationship so lets not judge her having 5 kids or for being homeless. I grew up when most families had 5 kids or more by WWII parents and they worked just as hard as people due today only they didn't spend what they didn't have. She has a lot of courage to put her picture in the paper and its humbling for me to realize the comforts I have in my home and that of my children, even though I'm divorced. I'm in the service business and walk into many different homes and see a variety of situations that I can easily judge based on what my eyes see. I have many times been humbled after I talk with some of these customers and renters to hear their stories not of pity, but of just trying to make it based on many different circumstances. I'm the first one to call a person out who is lazy and working the system to pay for everything. Though, I'm also one to lend a hand with my time or resources to those who are trying to honestly make it. We all make mistakes at times in our lives and if people hadn't been there for me along the way during my life to help pick me up when I was down and living in a halfway house, I wouldn't be the productive man that I am today...and yes, I have more than 5 kids.

ericpoJan. 16, 13 6:04 AM

I find it intriguing that folks are judging a women with 5 kids without fully knowing her situation. But lets say we did. She has 5 kids. From a social security and medicare perspective that ALL of you will use. She has paid for her benefits and 1.5 other peoples benefits the day her kids start working. (most children in this situation grow up and have normal lives) So if you are sooooo offended just make sure when you qualify for medicare, medicaid, or social security, your mortgage deductions, VA Benefits, tax write-offs, or any other welfare program, make sure YOU take personal accountability and decline them. Chances are you have a lifestyle I don't feel I should be supporting. (smoking, drinking, credit card debt, excessive house payments, cabins etc)

danjJan. 16, 13 6:14 AM

RE mom with 5 kids... Perhaps she was simply following the guidelines of the Catholic church and avoiding birth control? Should she have stayed with an abusive husband? Laid off from her job... I don't think we should blame the victim.


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