Kaler denies U spends too much on staff but says there's work to be done

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 16, 2013 - 9:01 AM

He cited $2.2 million in savings, and said there's more to be done.

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dflleftJan. 15, 1310:17 PM

4 YEARS AT U OF M Duluth, books, tuition, room and board is now OVER $100,000 for a MINESOTA kid. This school of higher learning has become a black hole and they will ALL the money students and taxpayers throw at it. Poorly run and budgets out of control, and when you call them out they say everything is fine and all the administarters are needed but why a other big ten schools run so much better?

trice01Jan. 15, 1310:19 PM

House, feed, and teach classes to students. Take their money, and keep track of their grades. That's the core mission of the U, or any other university. It gets tougher as the school gets bigger, but it ain't rocket science. The cost of delivering those services doesn't rise any faster than general inflation. Sorry, Doc, we're not buying it.

kenw1952wJan. 15, 1310:27 PM

Saved 2.2million from a 1.4Billion dollar budget.......I would hope there's more to come. Up to now it has been malfeasance on the part of the Board of Regents, Kaler and others at the U , but from this point forward, I challenge our legislators to take control of this "money grows on trees" fiscal policy.

fwallenJan. 15, 1310:33 PM

Kaler has three problems: 1. The U has a history of circling the wagons and using obsfiscation which diminishes credibility. 2. Attaching the source of a news story is a fools errand. 3. He's also responsible for the budget. If intelligent experts can't understand it or dissect it, it's not a good budget. This is especially true at a large public institution where transparency is demanded. Time for a massive external operational audit. I'll donate $100 to that and skip donations to the U until they get serious about reform.

duckhunter97Jan. 15, 1310:33 PM

Funny, our state government is telling the U and acting appalled that there may be out of control spending and phony positions that are getting rich doing nothing. Maybe we hire a independent source to investigate both these operations....

turgidJan. 15, 1310:43 PM

I work in the private sector and had one experience at the U that was an eye opener. We had rented a room at Coffman Union and were interviewing some students around the campus. To our surprise, the administrative person, who knew we were still working, had locked the room with our property in it and disappeared at exactly 5pm. I have a feeling that the vast majority of workers at the U are long gone at 5 and would be shocked at the hours people routinely put in beyond 5pm every day in the business world. Even worse, they probably look at us as idiots for doing it. Good luck to the legislature on trying to get some clarity on who is doing what over there.

fwallenJan. 15, 1310:53 PM

Zero based budgeting would be a great start, and would open up a lot of eyes.

joeljyJan. 15, 1311:38 PM

Salaries--including Kaler's--are completely out of control....Time to reign it in and recall that you are a land grant university... We can no longer afford this.

deanoramJan. 15, 1311:38 PM

This happens every year. Legislators want some accountability for outragous costs at the U and it never seems to go anywhere. It's just lip service and nothing will be done. TA's teach a majority of the classes while the prof's collect huge paychecks. Two prof's were just let go for double dipping. How many people do you know could get away with this? The cost of education is a huge reason why our country is failing. I have no faith our legislators will fix this problem. Admin to student ratio 1:3.5.If this were a legimate business they would have been dead a long time ago.

SeaSharkJan. 15, 1311:44 PM

ERIC KALER vows to rein in spending, two months after he agrees to pay the University of North Carolina $800,000 to cancel two football games between the Tar Heels and the Gophers. What color is the sky in Kaler's World?


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