Minnesota's marriage showdown takes shape at Capitol

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 15, 2013 - 11:03 PM

Same-sex marriage supporters are preparing to roll out House and Senate proposals as early as February. Opponents stand ready to resist.

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getcrazyJan. 15, 1310:04 PM

I'm surprised that no one has pointed out a major flaw in the "roads were made for cars" argument in Minneapolis. My house in Minneapolis was built in the 1800's. There weren't any cars when the road in front of my house was built. This can be said about many homes in Minneapolis. The roads here were built for travel and doing commerce. That is still what they are for.

freedomallJan. 15, 1311:36 PM

SCOTUS will strike down DOMA and Prop 8 in California in June, I don't see why Minnesotans can't take up the task to AT LEAST throw out the discriminatory Statute Ban on Same Sex Marriage. Personally as a Gay Man, I think it is too soon for passing Same Sex Marriage in Minnesota, but that shouldn't stop legislators from passing Same Sex Unions (which in my opinion will be less controversial) and rural DFL'ers wouldn't feel 'threatened' to losing their congressional seats.

fatherofsonsJan. 15, 1311:46 PM

Married. Christian. Grew up in a small town. Catholic grade school. Work at a bank. I am praying for the day that I can attend the weddings of two couples I am proud to have as trusted friends. The zip code says republican but don't bet on it. I am not a Right Winger. I am not a Left winger. I am an Up Winger. Social Justice. A Healthy Environment. Governing the country with decisions that favor those with the most money and hurt everything else will end.

BABloomJan. 16, 1312:43 AM

Let me be clear. When I joined the majority in voting last November I was voting FOR the freedom to marry for ALL committed couples in Minnesota.

reedcanaryJan. 16, 1312:56 AM

Last year, Gov. Dayton promised to let children have more access to both their parents in divorce cases if there was bipartisan support. There was bipartisan support and Gov. Dayton lied. It will be interesting to see how same sex couples will be treated. Will the custodial parent in a same sex marriage have the same 95% of the say? Will the divorce industry also be awarded huge sums by Gov. Dayton, and the like, when sorting out broken gay marriages involving kids?

augsburg54Jan. 16, 13 1:29 AM

Good Luck.........

orpheus90Jan. 16, 13 4:21 AM

From the article: Warren Limmer, who led the effort to put the marriage amendment on the ballot, said the other side is misreading the election results ... Gee, Warren, I'm not so sure you're the guy who ought be telling us how to read election results, much less the public.

chavistaJan. 16, 13 5:39 AM

It's absolutely the wrong time to bring up this bill. The Supreme Court will hear arguments on this issue starting I believe on March 27 with a decision in June. Why in the world the Democrats would waste their small amount of political capital on such a divisive issue is beyond me. If the Supreme Court issues their ruling in June, only 5 months away and says that gay marriage is "mandatory" under the law then the issue is done. If the Supreme Court rules that it is a state issue, then bring the bill up in 2014 when the Democrats still hold the majority. If the Supreme Court rules that gay marriage is not allowed and the Democrats have already passed a gay marriage bill then the Democrats will pay at the polls. I realize that many gay individuals have had a "long engagement", but 5 more months is not an eternity.

bizsmithJan. 16, 13 6:08 AM

I think freedomail hit the nail on the head. I think the word "marriage" is the hang up. I like his term "same sex unions".

tbot2000Jan. 16, 13 6:19 AM

Love is love. I saw my vote last Nov as the first step toward the FREEDOM to marry for ALL!


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