Study: College students whose parents foot more of bill for college get lower GPAs

  • Article by: JUSTIN POPE , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 15, 2013 - 9:31 AM
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woodyagJan. 15, 13 9:18 AM

What the "study" totally fails to address is- how good an EDUCATION did the student get? It's not the same thing as GPA, at all, at all. Perhaps- those whose parents were paying- had more freedom to explore? Partake of extracurricular activities, that didn't show up in grades- or maybe even took an A to B, from time to time? That was certainly my case.

luzhishenJan. 15, 13 9:23 AM

It would be interesting to see how the class schedules compare or if they were controlled for. Students with more to lose may take less risky classes.

marathongirlJan. 15, 13 9:24 AM

We had to have a study to show that? I saw that plenty when I was in college. The people that were taking out loans and paying more themselves were focused more on doing well. The ones being given free money by their parents, or the state (grants vs loans) were not as involved and didn't care as much. Not all, but there area always exceptions.

khoffman11Jan. 15, 13 9:33 AM

In law school, I remember you could always tell which students were taking out loans, and which ones had parental assistance. The ones who were taking out loans showed up for the 8am class.

daveyankJan. 15, 13 9:45 AM

Does this study take into consideration the fact that smarter students with higher GPAs are more likely to have scholarships covering part or all of their tuition and thus have less need for parents' help?

hetaheadJan. 15, 13 9:52 AM

Working your way through college is the best education you will ever get! It may take a few years longer, it will be really hard some days. But you will have learned things that cannot be learned when your parents hand you your education on a silver platter.

Thumper5316Jan. 15, 1310:00 AM

When our sons went to college and wanted our assistance they had to: 1. Sign a waver so that we could access their grades whenever we wanted to. 2. Pay the school and show us proof of that payment. Then, and only then, would we pay the matching amount to the school. Not to our 'student'. They had accountability and we had recourse for corrective action. There was no surprise that they were good students and are now working and productive adults.

aschroepferJan. 15, 1310:01 AM

I would rather have a lower GPA in college then 150K in student loans. Once you get that first job, no one cares what school you went to or what your GPA is. That is a fact.

taxpayer09Jan. 15, 1310:01 AM

I agree with marathongirl...really? we needed a study to get this info? You could have asked anyone who ever went to college and they would have told you the same thing. Kids with the most 'skin in the game' tend to work hard and take pride in their achievements, compared to those without any personal investment who are more inclined to take it all for granted.

aschroepferJan. 15, 1310:02 AM

khoffman11 - Are the students who took out loans doing better now then the ones who did not? Law school is joke and we all knwo that. That most difficult part is getting excepted and then it's a cake walk after that.


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