Lance Armstrong's final preparations for Oprah interview include a few miles of roadwork

  • Article by: JIM VERTUNO , Associated Press
  • Updated: January 14, 2013 - 3:10 AM
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johndontJan. 13, 13 1:36 PM

This can't be true. No liberal like Lance would ever cheat and lie.

FrankieJan. 13, 13 1:36 PM

Who cares? This is not news. Oprah is just trying to get some ratings for her failing network and Armstrong lied.

bill9844Jan. 13, 13 1:39 PM

Who cares????? Oprah is a has been, and so is lance.

thankbhoJan. 13, 13 2:07 PM

Armstrong may be ready, but nobody cares and Oprah is over. What else ya got?

propagandistJan. 13, 13 2:56 PM

Nobody cares? Uh huh. That's why we're commenting on boards like this very one, huh? Because nobody cares. That said, Lance is a repeat liar and cheat. HE is responsible for belittling the great achievements that he's been credited with. Stripped of his Tour titles. Banned from the sport. Rightfully branded a drug using liar and cheat. Once my hero. Not anymore.

thankbhoJan. 13, 13 4:34 PM

Myself and everyone I know is ready for Armstrong to go away.

gurquhartJan. 13, 13 6:48 PM

Armstrong beat cancer when doctors thought he would die, and then came back to be a top athlete and win the toughest athletic competition in the world. Armstrong cheated repeatedly and told hundreds of bald-faced lies about his cheating. What does all this mean? That like many humans, he is a complex and deeply-flawed individual. I would never begin to excuse him or his behavior. At the same time, in every one of the Tours in which he was declared the winner, most (even "all" in a few cases) of the rest of the top-10 finishers have also either admitted to having cheated, been caught cheating or been strongly suspected of cheating (Jan Ulrich, who finished second to Armstrong several times, being one of the top examples of this). So this situation infected the entire sport-- or at least most of those who had any real chance of winning-- not just Armstrong. I would also hope that none of the people saying things like "Just go away" on this board to Armstrong are big NFL fans, because that sport is so infected with PED's that it isn't even funny-- as even college football players have started admitting lately. If all football players who cheated were taken off the field, you'd probably have games being played by 4 players on one team vs. 3 players on the other. No, this doesn't excuse Armstrong in the least-- just because other athletes or other cyclists cheated doesn't mean it was o.k. for him to cheat or that he "had" to cheat. It might mean that the only way anyone could have won any of those Tours was to have been cheating at that time-- but the right and honorable thing to do would still have been to have followed the rules, come in 25th or whatever, and take pride in what you achieved. But Armstrong is not "all bad" by any means. His cancer charity was (I think) partly an additional publicity ploy and ego booster for him, BUT it also has raised quite a bit of money for the cause and increased awareness of the disease in various ways, etc. He has done some good in his life. Have other wealthy cheaters in the world of athletics, such as A-Rod, Clemons, Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods, or very many NFL players done as much good? Not as far as I can tell.

smarterthanuJan. 13, 13 7:06 PM

How do we know he had cancer?

beveryafraidJan. 14, 13 6:33 AM

johndont shows a mastery of Republican logic: Lance lives in Austin so he must be a liberal. Never mind that he vocally supported, and pals around with George W. Bush.

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