Missed rebound ruins Gophers' shot to tie

  • Article by: AMELIA RAYNO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 12, 2013 - 7:26 PM

For a couple of chaotic milliseconds, it looked as though the Gophers might actually do it -- actually make a 23-point comeback on Indiana for their biggest victory in years.

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sane09Jan. 12, 1311:08 PM

"With the Gophers' Trevor Mbakwe and Indiana's Cody Zeller battling for the ball off the second miss, Hulls snuck in and plucked it off an odd hop"...That was only partially Mbakwe's fault...More to blame was Austin Hollins whose job was to block out the shooter (Hulls) UNTIL THE GOPHERS SECURED THE REBOUND....Instead, Hollins released early into (anticipated) transition and allowed Hulls to secure the offensive rebound for Indiana.

Jakein08Jan. 13, 13 7:35 AM

The lack of fouls called on IU under the Gophers basket was pretty tough to overcome. The Gophers played well in the second half and showed that they can play with any team in the country. It should be a fun season!

dewarfJan. 13, 13 9:22 AM

On this key rebound, Zeller reached through Trevor's arms to dislodge the ball. Yes, Trevor should have secured the ball, and yes, Austin needed to release to the other end as they needed a quick two (or three) to win, but it was an easy foul call for the ref as Zeller was NOT on the ball but on the arms of Mbakwe. Zeller had another clear foul on a block he made earlier (lots of body contact), but the refs were conscious of where they were. Bobby Knight trained them well when they'd come to Bloomington -- even Valentine who Bobby knew was one of the worst refs in the conference and one of the three working yesterday's game. They didn't like each other, but Valentine learned his lessons well and the IU teams continue to benefit to this day. BTW -- Zeller got six rebounds yesterday. Seven feet and six rebounds.

sane09Jan. 13, 13 9:30 AM

"yes, Austin needed to release to the other end as they needed a quick two (or three) to win...NO, they didn't need a QUICK shot (about 17 seconds left), and the man blocking out the shooter is NOT the one to release early.

hobie2Jan. 13, 13 9:43 AM

"More to blame was Austin Hollins whose job was to block out the shooter (Hulls) UNTIL THE GOPHERS SECURED THE REBOUND"... Announcer talk -total bull--- Hollins is the 3 on a 3 on 2 - the wings are covered - so he breaks early - besides, from Hollin's angle, it looked like Mbakwe had the rebound and was initiating transition - Mbakwe had it in his hands and was covering and could do the release without trouble... MN needed the transition edge, especially with 19 seconds, so Hollins broke as part of the play as he is supposed to do becuase that gave MN a 3 on 2... Zeller just plain went in and knocked it out of Mbakwe's hands... That was NOT on Hollins.... Besides, if MN needed the rebound so badly, why were the rebounders not on the front line so Mbakwe's help on the other block was there? How many games have we seen where there is a rolling substitution of shooters/rebounders? And it's not like Smith's options were slow and slower - he had his fastest 4-5 off the floor... And if you say "scoring" - we were shooting from outside and on drives - ask why does it take Smith two and half years to teach a college educated 7 foot player to push a basketball into the hoop - more, because he still isn't doing it? Two and half years to teach "catch ball, put in rim"??

hobie2Jan. 13, 1310:13 AM

sane9 - ".NO, they didn't need a QUICK shot (about 17 seconds left), and the man blocking out the shooter is NOT the one to release early."... It was not early, and wrong. There were two MN rebounders, both on the basket side blocks. One gets the ball, the off-side player covers the rebounder while the rebounder gets the ball - at least most teams are coached like that... Mn was in transition offense going to beat the IN half court defense (against which they were having problems), not in half court - the top block holds until the two rim side rebounders have paint control and then releases.. he doesn't sit there and wait around "to be sure". Transition offense, not high school cover-your-man-like-its-1980 half court offense.

sane09Jan. 13, 1311:02 AM

"Besides, if MN needed the rebound so badly"...So, in your opinion, MN DIDN'T need the rebound badly?...I guess loss of possession, loss of game, loss of unbeaten Big-10 leadership, loss of RPI, and loss of chance to beat a top-five team on the road weren't important enough for MN to "need the rebound badly".

sane09Jan. 13, 1311:24 AM

Actually, I attribute the lost rebound to biased coaching and one-dimensional preparation.

hobie2Jan. 13, 1311:30 AM

sane9 "So, in your opinion, MN DIDN'T need the rebound badly?".. Now there's a stretch - where ever did you get that idea?... Who was on the other block? MN top rebounder? Why not?... A short lesson on modern inside play - The tape on Mbakwe, and every other mid-tall player, which Crean and every coach not stuck in 1995 knows - he is shorter than Zeller, so against the taller player, Mbakwe has to bring the ball down to protect it or lose it overhead - and with the new rule, Mbakwe can't swing his elbows if a shorter player is next to him, or it is a likely automatic free throws and change of possession, giving away the rebound - so to neuter a mid height player in a critical situation, put someone taller and a shorter guard against him to put him in a tight cage or force a foul by the ball holder... Which is what Crean did. Mbakwe was in a cage and Smith had no counter from the other block.. Now you can't do that hi-low move with a tall player against a tall player, because there a tall player will just hold the ball up, and if an equally tall player without the ball goes for and hits the arms of the player with the ball or bodies in - its a foul. The guard can't get to the ball without fouling, either...Which is one thing that an Eliason can do against a Zeller that a Mbakwe can't... The days of rip-down rebounds and elbows out of the 1990s are numbered, if not over, by the new foul rule and the use of the hi-lo "cage".

hobie2Jan. 13, 1311:33 AM

"Actually, I attribute the lost rebound to biased coaching and one-dimensional preparation." On this we agree. You could do a paper in the Journal of Phy Ed World on this one.


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