Flu shot flaws leave experts queasy

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: January 13, 2013 - 7:35 AM

The vaccine might be our best defense, but it inspires spotty confidence among doctors and patients.

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sternitzkyJan. 12, 1311:26 PM

Getting the flu shot is the best I can do to keep me and everyone close to me from getting sick. Is it perfect, no, is it better than nothing, yes.

teresainmnJan. 13, 13 2:02 AM

My healthy sister was just discharged from the hospital with flu and pneumonia. She had a flu shot in Sept. Has missed 10 days of work so far and probably won't be back until next Wed, if then. (she's a school teacher). She said she never knew she could be that sick and live.... The flu shot didn't work for her this time, but we think it's worth a try, anyway. And they do get it right, more often than not. If my sister hadn't been so healthy,normally, she may not have survived. I would hate to see an elderly person as sick as she was. This is a bad year for flu..definitely!

jaketwotimesJan. 13, 13 5:30 AM

The USA has spent over a trillion dollars since 9/11 on preventing terrorism. (Pre-emptive wars, TSA, Homeland Security, etc.) And how many people have died within the US borders due to terrorism in the past 10 years? None as far as I know. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands have died in the meantime from influenza, cancer, and other illnesses. I can almost guarantee that if we took all the money we've spent over the years on preventing "terrorism" and dumped it into cancer research, we would have a cure by now. But no, we're all still scared of the bogeyman with the dirty bomb. Meanwhile, real people are dying of real diseases everyday. Priorities people.

gbill7Jan. 13, 13 6:11 AM

Many integrative physicians, such as Dr. Julian Whitaker and Dr. David Williams, have for years been recommending Vitamin D3 and probiotics as excellent defenses against flu and other diseases. Vitamin D3 has been shown in thousands of scientific studies to enhance the immune system, and, because more than 70 percent of our immune defenses originate in the digestive system, probiotics enable the gut's beneficial flora to strengthen the immune system.

Cindyr73Jan. 13, 13 6:46 AM

Flu vaccines aren't 100%; that said, I'd rather get my shot and go with something less than 100% than not get my shot and go with 0% chance of building antibodies against the strains of flu circulating in any given year.

billybob8Jan. 13, 13 7:35 AM

The Mayo clinic did a study and the results where release in 2009 - children who received the flu shot where 3 time more likely to be hospitalized for the flu. I do not get flu shots for myself or my family anymore. The vaccine contains ingredients to suppress your immune system for immunization to the flu. But this opens up your immune system to the other 1,000.000+ germs out there including the other strains of flu that are not in the shot. No thanks!!

barbjensJan. 13, 13 8:14 AM

People did NOT get their Flu shot last fall when they should have. NOW they are running around trying to find a place that has some. A little short sighted I would say. The Flu shot may not be 100% but is better than nothing and if people would eat properly or take Supplements to build up their Immune System, then it may have a better outcome. Look up immune system on the internet and see what the body needs.

aandicatJan. 13, 13 8:45 AM

Let' see, I've had two fl shots and hmmmm, those were the only two years that I had the flu. Nope, I don't trust somebody's "guess" on what will work.

cosmicwxdudeJan. 13, 13 9:02 AM

I blame Obama's incompetence here....just like Bush was blamed. By the way, where did all the war protesters go these past 5 yrs...the deadliest since the war began. Love that liberal consistency ( rolls eyes)

nomedsJan. 13, 13 9:10 AM

I think I am getting the flu from just reading these comments.


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