Boss: Grandfather of abducted boy is model employee at Minn. dairy

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  • Updated: January 12, 2013 - 7:56 AM
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Thumper5316Jan. 12, 13 8:02 AM

This would have never happened had the judge done the right thing for the boy. He was already in the temporary custody of the grandparents and made a ruling to give the boy back to the mother who was homeless?? Unbelievable!

michaelpatrickJan. 12, 13 8:08 AM

There must be a lot going on in this story that we don't know about. "Being raised by grandparents" shouldn't make for difficult dettective work in "finding" one's child.

macwizardJan. 12, 13 8:32 AM

Whatever the cause, they are criminals for kidnapping because they violated a court order. Without following the law, we are lawless. The grandparents will have to answer to a higher power someday.

dale38Jan. 12, 13 9:06 AM

Answer to a Higher Power?? Not knowing all the details here, all I do know is that the boy was raised well in a loving family. Reading the mother's comments tells me she's happy her son is well looks forward to meeting him. I haven't seen any animosity from her up to this point. This tells me possibly knows what happened was for the best. All I hope for is that the mother can now have a loving relationship with her son, she does not press charges and that the granparents get a thank you from the mother and the higher power!

dale38Jan. 12, 13 9:19 AM

And to follow up to my previous comment, the abducted boy (now man) recently posted this on his facebook account.. "For you people who jump to conclusions you should find out the whole story I was where I needed to be. My `grandparents' were in the the right I dont care what anyone else thinks." Nuff said...

gemie1Jan. 12, 13 9:52 AM

I doubt a judge was just going to give back a child to a homeless person. The grandparents broke the law! I do not doubt that social services would have stepped in helped the mother and child get back on their feet. The grandparents should have been helping the daughter and the child. The grandparents kidnapped a child that did not belong to them, broke the law and should be held accountable.

sadsadsadJan. 12, 13 9:56 AM

Do these grandparents also have a relationship with their son who is the father of the grandson? Why is he left out of the discussion?

eharperJan. 12, 1310:17 AM

These grandparents are nothing more than criminals. The son only knows what the grandparents told him. I'm sure they loved the boy, but what they did was so wrong. Wait until the son has his child. then ask him how he would feel if his in-laws ran off with his child. How the grandparents justify what they did is beyond me. They taught their grandson that living a lie and breaking the law is perfectly fine. How did grandpa work for twenty years and pay taxes without a social security number?

Jakein08Jan. 12, 1310:33 AM

Yes, how did the grandparents work without a SS number. Another lawless action. They seem to act as if they are above the law. Why did they not work with the mother on raising this boy instead of kidnapping him.

Thumper5316Jan. 12, 1310:42 AM

gemie..."I doubt a judge was just going to give back a child to a homeless person." But yet, that's exactly what the judge did which is why the grandparents went on the run.


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